Moose Blood makes emo great again with new album “Blush”


U.K. quartet, Moose Blood, are starting the last leg of an awesome year for the band. The group signed to Hopeless Records (with labelmates like The Wonder Years, All Time Low and Yellow) in April of this year. The same month, they announced a headlining tour in the U.K., which sold out before the tour even started. Now, the band’s enjoying the success of their newest album, “Blush.”

The first single, “Honey,” was released when the band signed with Hopeless Records. The track opens with heavy guitar and, like any true emo song, is about a breakup. Eddy Brewerton’s vocals come in soft, a change of pace from most hardcore music. Brewerton’s almost indie sound fits well with the song, and gives it a softer and almost hopeful emotional depth than another genre, like screamo, would.

The music video, on the other hand, is a bit of a trip. It focuses on a suburban white family (think Brady Bunch and you’d be on the right track) as they get up to all kinds of shenanigans. In the end, the mother cheats on her husband with the gardner and the father is sent off to a vacation with a laugh track and a cocktail. While the breakup certainly matches the lyrics, the finality of the video doesn’t really line up with the hopeful line “this will pass like the weather” that wraps up the song, which creates a weird vibe.

Knuckles” creates a weird vibe, too, but in a more successful way. The video pulls heavily from the 2006 hit “Little Miss Sunshine” with a little twist: the kid’s actually a werewolf who wins the talent competition with his incredible rock music. The video itself is a testament to the power of music giving hope to kids who feel different, which, again, is a very Emo and alternative sentiment.

The rest of the tracks fit perfectly in with each other, creating a great balance of fast and slow songs to keep things interesting. “Sulk,” “Shimmer” and especially “Spring” trade the heavier drum beats for softer chord progressions and Brewerton’s gentle crooning.

Shimmer,” is the stand out. Even though it follows a predictable crescendo found in a lot of slower pop punk/emo songs, “Shimmer” ends with a memorable bang. The distorted guitars singles out the last line to give it – and the whole track – a lonely feeling that really captures the essence of the album and the genre best.

Despite some weird artistic choices, “Blush” is a great addition to the world of Emo and Indie music. It feels more like part two of Moose Blood’s debut album, “I’ll Keep You In Mind, From Time To Time,” than a separate album, but if the sound ain’t broke don’t fix it, I guess.

Top Track: “Honey,” “Glow,” and “Shimmer”

Grade: A-

Verdict: Blending Indie vocals with pop-punk guitar riffs and Emo lyrics, Moose Blood truly has one of the most unique and recognizable styles in the Emo scene today. Their more alternative sound contrasts nicely with the new pastel aesthetic of the album, especially when held up against the traditional black or red color schemes of older Emo bands, like My Chemical Romance or The Used. Moose Blood has definitely kept up the momentum from their last album and whatever their future holds as a band, it’s bound to be good.
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