Meet freshman forward K.K. Williams

Photo by: Dayne Francis
Photo by: Dayne Francis

K.K. Williams is a 5-foot-10 freshman forward from Blackman High School. Blackman, located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, is a basketball powerhouse in America and Williams was widely regarded as the team’s best defender. The team was named the 2014 national champion by MaxPreps, ESPN and USA Today. Blackman High School’s Lady Blazer basketball team was the squad two high schools infamously attempted to both purposely lose while facing each other, to avoid playing the powerhouse in the state playoffs back in February 2015. The only games Williams lost her junior and senior seasons were to out-of-state teams. Williams finished her high school career by leading the team in minutes, being selected to the Tennessee All-Star game and being one of four Division I signees on her high school team.


You came from a winning program in high school, why did you choose Georgia State?

I just really like the City of Atlanta. I really liked the atmosphere when I came on the visit. I watched practice and I really liked how they conducted practice. It just seemed like a nice place to move to from high school.


You won state championships in high school, most high school seniors are ready to get out, did you want to stay to win more championships or anything like that?

Kind of, I wanted to stay as far as the basketball program, but as far as school, I was ready to get out because senioritis started to kick in.


How has the transition been so far, as a freshman?

The transition has been pretty difficult. As far as like time management. It’s been extremely different from high school. I really had to learn how to manage my time well.


What are some ways you changed your time management?

As far as basketball or as far as like class?


As far as life, college?

Well, I mean I’ve learned how to fit in naps in my schedule. So definitely that. As soon as I wake up in the morning, I go to class, then after class I come straight to practice, after practice I usually go to study hall or get something to eat and go to sleep because I’m tired from the day.


What has been your favorite part of Georgia State so far?

Just basketball in general. I love when we have our team meetings, team bondings. Our team is really close together and I just like the team overall. It’s been a great experience.


Do you have a best friend on the team so far?

I like all my teammates. We’re really close, like I said, I think all my teammates are my good friends. I wouldn’t necessarily say I have a best friend. All my teammates are my friends.


So you couldn’t narrow it down to one specific player?

No, all my teammates are my really close friends.


What’s your favorite movie?

I like Roll Bounce.


Bow Wow fan?

Um…yes [laughs].


Favorite food?

I like all pasta, so whatever pasta is my favorite.


Have you had a favorite restaurant in Atlanta here so far?

I like Harold’s Chicken. I like that place a lot.


Have you been to the Cook Out or Varsity yet?

No. I’m not even sure what that is.


Favorite dance?

I don’t really dance. So I don’t have a favorite dance. I usually watch.


Who’s the best dancer on the team?

I think [Ma]keba [Ponder] can dance pretty good.


Your goal for your first year here?

My goal for my first year here at Georgia State would have to be coming in and transitioning from high school, being a great teammate and being a role player on the team would be my goal.

Williams and the Women’s Basketball team will open their season Nov. 13 at Kennesaw State. The Panthers will stay on the road in what will be a homecoming of sorts for Williams, facing Tennessee Tech on Nov. 19, which is less than an hour and a half away from Murfreesboro. Georgia State will then make its home debut against Morehead State on Nov. 21.