Mayor Kasim Reed supports in-state tuition for immigrants

Fulton County Judge John Goger will decide whether or not underage persons granted temporary relief from deportation will qualify for in-state tuition. Groger’s decision will be made after hearing the case on May 6, according to The Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Mayor Kasim Reed sent a letter to a Fulton County Superior Court Judge in support of the plaintiffs, The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported.

Reed’s argument was the people who are granted business licenses, are the same people who are not allowed to pay in-state college tuition.

“I have many of my city’s citizens who are being denied the right to attend the Georgia college of their choice and the right to pay an otherwise deserved instate tuition rate, simply because of an intentional misreading of the law of ‘lawful presence’ by the Board of Regents,” Mayor Reed stated in the letter.

Xavier Turner, a Spanish major concentrating in education, said immigrants should not be denied the opportunity for an education.

“These immigrants had no choice in the matter of moving to the U.S., especially if [taken] by a parent. Therefore, they should not be denied the opportunity for an education,” he said.