Making a masterpiece with hands-on classes in Atlanta

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When looking for a new activity, hobby or skill, Atlanta has multiple classes and workshops, offered around the city, for curious people eager to try something new. One can paint, mold and sculpt while learning a new art skill by taking an interactive classes offered at beginner and experienced work paces.

Instructional classes, in glassblowing, sculpting, jewelry design and painting are available at various art studios in the city. Take home a memory from a new experience, most of the classes offer week long programs that include a weekly or one time payment.

The Beehive

The Beehive is a designing shop and boutique, that focuses on local art and products made by creative hands from within the community. The designing shop offers numerous workshops, hand made products, great sales and more.

The owner, Marlene Davis, wanted to step outside the box with her business by providing a space were customers and designers have direct contact with each other. Designers typically work in the store, giving them a better opportunity to build lasting relationships with the customers.

“We ensure that the customer has a direct line of access to the designer, by having only individuals who make and sell products in the store also work in the store,” Davis said. “The customer comes into our doors knowing that they are talking to someone who made a product, and understand the process of creating a handmade line, and this in turn creates a sense of loyalty.”

When it comes to workshops some of the more popular classes at The Beehive are sewing and jewelry-making. The designer shop has intro classes to inform and teach customers about sewing basics, and the Metal Stamping 101 workshop guides attendees through the process of stamping images or words onto metal.

The Beehive is a multipurpose resource for crafty hands looking to pick-up a new skill, sell handmade products or share their skills with others through instructional workshops. One of the defining characteristics of the designer shop is their awareness of saving money, while providing quality service.

“The instructors at the beehive are also designers who sell products in the store,” Davis said. “We are acclimated and knowledgeable on how to save money and costs on supplies, equipment and everything else needed to start a new craft skill. And [we] happily pass this knowledge onto the customer.”

The shop is located at 1250 Caroline St NE, Ste C 120, Atlanta, Georgia 30307

To sign up for a workshop or shop around online visit The Beehive’s website website at

Cherrylion: Sculpting Studio

Sculpting is the art of using clay and malleable materials, like wire, to create a object typically with animal or human characteristics. Studio manager, Cambria Herrera, says the classes at the Cherrylion studio have a combinations for sculpting beginners and experts that work on their skills.

“We get a mixture of students who have never touched clay in their life,” Herrera said. “Students can focus on anything they want, and we provide all the tools they need.

The sculpting classes take place over the course of 10 weeks. Prospective students pay a one-time fee, which includes all of their material and studio time with sculpting artist and instructor, Martin Dawe.

Martin Dawe has been sculpting for over 33 years, according to the Cherrylion website. Each class is made to be hands on and freeform. The studio provides students with a live model, clay and other tools that allow them to sculpt. The freeform artistic style is an optional choice for each student, who can choose to create whatever they feel.

“Students can focus on anything they want, we provide all the tools they need,[like] the clay and instruction by Martin Dawe,” Herrera said.

The introduction class, also known as the head study, is a class dedicated to the focus of forming and sculpting the head. Final touches and customization takes place during the last week which is called finishing class. Students can fire their sculpture, a process that hardens the clay, and paint their work.

Classes are available in the Fall, Spring and Winter. Each season consist of 10 sessions that take place over the course of two months. The Cherrylion studio is located at 889 Morris St. NW., Atlanta, Georgia  30318.

For more information visit the studios website at

Be Creative Arts Center

Expressing creativity, is the main goal for a local art center located in Atlanta. There are painting, dance and drawing classes offered at the Be Creative Arts Center. Founder, Torion Kent, wanted to provide an environment where people from the community can come in and participate in visual and performing arts at one place.

“[When] someone comes through that door, they [will] have a painting, drawing and dance experience, that [will] make a difference in their day, uplift them and [make] them feel good about what they did,” Kent said.

Kent has a love for positively affecting others, and one way for her to show that passion is through the arts. The center was created to bring art back into the black community, according to kent.

“I love to see people have fun,” Kent said. “We turn can’ts into can’s, everybody that walks in here can do every service we have to offer, and you can be creative.”

Uniquely Perfect Painting is an adult and teen painting class. Guests can go online an take a look at the illustration provided for each class. For each day of the month, there is a different illustration.

Once guest find an illustration that interests them, the next step requires getting scheduled for that class. Materials are not needed because the studio provides everything from the apron to keep clothes clean, paint brushes, paint and a 16 by 24 inch canvas.

The only thing that people should bring is a willingness to learn something new and use their creativity to make a unique piece of art. After the class, guests are encouraged to take their work with them.

Be Creative Arts Center is located at 3201 Atlanta Industrial Parkway, Suite 206, Atlanta, Georgia  30331.

To sign up for a class or learn more about the programs provided at the studio, visit their website at

Glassblowing at Atlanta Hot Glass

Glassblowing is the art of molding and shaping hot glass into figures, shapes or objects. At the Atlanta Hot Glass studio, guests are given hands-on instruction on basic techniques, while being guided through the glass blowing process.

Glass 101 is an extensive class offered by the studio to specifically help beginner glass blowers improve their skill. The class are conducted over the course of five weeks, with three hour lessons each week.

Membership to the studio is a good way to take the classes to the next level and start meeting other people who are enjoy the art of glassblowing. The benefit of becoming a member comes with additional discounts and experienced blowers gain access to shop tools, that are not readily accessible for beginners.

Atlanta Hot Glass, also offers extensive programs for people interested in personalized lessons. On Tuesday and Thursday nights intermediate classes are available for beginners. All classes are by appointment. For more information about pricing or schedule an appointment, visit the company’s website at