Loki vs. Thor

For all those Marvel fangirls out there, one of the bigger debates regarding the universe (and especially the films) is whether Loki is hotter than Thor. For the sake of general audience, I am going to base my arguments purely off the films and not the comic books.

If you’re a woman who prefers her men big, brawny and brainless, sure Thor is a perfectly fine option. However, while Loki’s lean figure might not be as appealing as Thor’s gargantuan muscles, his intellect, wit, charm and sense of humor place him far above his adopted brother.

As portrayed in the first Thor film, when Thor goes off on a rampage against the Frost Giants, his temper is uncontrollable. He’s this big ball of lightning and thunder that can be pointed in a direction and utilized as a tool or a weapon. His methods are not strategic or well-planned.

However, Loki always has a plan. He may be cunning, but he’s clever as well, and those two make for a dastardly pair, but when combined with his sense of mischief, you never know what you’re going to get. A fun trickster or an evil mastermind.

But when you look at it closely, is Loki really evil? Misunderstood, yes, but in ‘The Avengers,’ he was under the influence of the Tesseract and he had just been shunned by his (jerkface) of an adopted father, Odin, who had been lying to Loki for centuries about his heritage.

So in the case of handling the news badly, you can’t blame Loki for trying to take over New York. Heck, I’d like to take over New York too, I just don’t have an awesome scepter-thingy and I’m not a god. If you’d had what you thought was your birthright taken from you, I am sure you’d do the same.

Loki’s emotions are very complicated and real. When Frigga dies, we see Loki trying to maintain the illusion of composure. As a prisoner, he doesn’t have to pretend that everything is okay, but he remembers his place as royalty despite his grief in losing the person whom he loved most.

He’s an underdog who we all end up rooting for, not just because of how he was wronged but how he still holds loyalty to his mother and his brother, even after he was thrown in a jail cell. He saves Thor’s life and basically the universe as we know it when fighting against the dark elves.

Also, at the end of ‘Thor: The Dark World’, he (in the disguise of Odin) even offers Thor the throne. After faking his death (twice!), helping his brother save the world, dealing with a coming-of-age crisis and having a weird force inside his head, he is still nice enough to give his big brother a chance to have what Loki has always dreamt of having.

He’s also selfless and clever enough to realize he’s not himself and lets himself become tossed around like a rag doll by the Hulk a la Bam-Bam style in order to get the Tesseract out of his head.

Furthermore, he’s sexy as hell! I mean, some women prefer brawny Thor, but Loki is sleek and his voice washes over you, so soothing, but with a bit of flirt to it. Handsome to a tee, the man knows how to talk to women and he’s funny too! When Jane smacks him, he just cracks up and says “I like her.” And he’s cool with his brother’s friends turning into Steve (Captain America) to make Thor laugh, even if most of Thor’s buddies are in line to kill Loki.

Last but not least, he’s crazy – not insane-psychopath crazy (though an argument can be made) but crazy enough to push the boundaries and explore different worlds, ways and insights that no one else was open-minded or brave enough to explore. He doesn’t need Meu-meu (Mjolnir) to be awesome. He’s awesome on his own.