Lights, Camera, Action

Atlanta Movie


Atlanta is becoming the new Hollywood, as the movie scene expands lager production studios are being built to accommodate the growing industry. Georgia Legislator is looking to increase filming incentives by expanding filming tax credits, according to Project Casting.

The New Hollywood

Studios are popping up all over Atlanta. It’s no surprise that the movie industry is generating a lot of money. When walking around metro atlanta signs are posted and streets are blocked for filming. More companies are choosing Atlanta as a filming location because it’s cost effective and there is plenty of locations or land that can be utilized for filming.

A new studio is under construction in South Atlanta at the old Union Station Mall. Tyler Perry recently purchased Fort Mcpherson to increase his studio space. The great thing about Georgia is the convenient and historic southern scenery, there’s dense forest, long roads, suburbs, farmland, downtown Atlanta, and plenty of abandon buildings.  Just this year the governor’s office said nearly $6 billion has been made, according to Channel 2 WXIA.


The production and budget for major film companies can be costly. Georgia adopted a tax credit that attracts more film companies to Atlanta. Without these incentives, smaller companies would not be able to cut cost on production. According to Georgia newsroom, the tax credit provides 30 percent of transferable tax credit. Atlanta is a gold mine, once production studios expand, wages will increase generating higher paying jobs for professionals and students working in the film industry. Jumping on the bandwagon before it takes off is a good option at this point, because Atlanta is still fresh when it comes to the filming industry. Currently, there are multiple television shows and movies being produced in the metro area.

Filming Around the Atlanta:

Captain America: Civil War

The Marvel Avengers franchise is shooting its third Captain America film. The storyline is centered around a government act that would force superheros to expose their true identities, according to Birth Movies Death . Captain America Civil war challenges the forces between humans and superheros. Filming is taking place near the Civic Center and Pinewood  Studios located in Fayetteville, according to 11 Alive WXIA.

Barber Shop 3

The comedy returns with the filming of Barber Shop 3 starring Ice Cube, Cedric the Entertainer, Common, Queen Latifah and more. The shooting of BB3 has been spotted in Decatur, Midtown and South West Atlanta, according to 11 Alive WXIA.

Neighbor 2

Coming back with more ridiculousness is Zac Efron and Seth Rogen starring in Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising.The first film generated $268 million, the sequel is expected to release May 13, 2016. With new faces emerging in the second film, shooting has been seen in Marietta and Dunwoody.

Birth of a Nation

A revolutionary spin is given to the controversial film Birth of a Nation. The Slave revolt against southern oppression takes on a new meaning for the main character Nat Turner. Filming is taking place in around Savannah Georgia.

Allegiant: Part 1

The Divergent series continues as leading characters Shailene Woodley and Theo James start their final chapter of action. The production of Allegiant was spotted all around Atlanta. Filming took place on Edgewood, Grant Park , and Nash Productions.


The hunger games star Jennifer lawrence is apart of the sci fi thriller set in outer space. In the Passengers, the main characters are Faced with the difficult decision of life or death. The film was spotted being filmed around Atlanta.

Being Mary jane

The third season of Being Mary Jane was shot in south west Atlanta. The Show is about a successful independent woman juggling a job, family and can’t seem to find love.

Mother’s Day

On September 11, Mother’s Day was filming in the Old Fourth Ward, According to the AJC. The stories from mother’s with different backgrounds collide in the film Mother’s Day starring Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts.

Sleepy Hollow

Monsters and demons are storming the city as Sleepy Hollow is being filmed. The fiction series was shooting at the Gwinnett Historic courthouse, Oglethorpe University and parts of Conyers.

Survivor’s Remorse

Downtown and the West Perry Road area Mansions is where the Starz comedy Survivor’s Remorse was filmed. The show is about a young and talented basketball player whose career is taking off.

The Originals and Walking dead have made a well-know name in Atlanta.

For the zombie followers The Walking Dead season six premiere Sunday October 11. The post apocalyptic show has been filming in Atlanta since the first season and it has gained a lot of popularity. The Originals is a spin off series of Vampire Diaries, what makes Georgia a good place for filming is the dynamic scenery and production incentives. The new Hollywood is here, and as the billion dollar industry makes it’s way to Atlanta studios are expanding.