Letter to the Editor: The Signal Sex Column


I am reaching out to you with extreme concerns for Rachel Kingsley’s recent sex column. Her articles have caused outrage in our GSU offices, classrooms, and several individuals. Myself and others are completely appalled this would be published in a public paper for anyone to see. I believe such foul language and exotic personal sex experiences brings a negative image to The Signal and Georgia State. These articles are no longer beneficial for anyone to read. I know I am speaking for a large group of people who wish these Sexpoloration articles to please stop! I am not one to usually voice my opinion/concerns in this manner, but I strongly disagree with the content of these articles. I used to gain excitement when a new copy of the signal was published… now I hesitate to open up the paper in fear of viewing an article that misrepresents what we stand for at Georgia State. Again, I am reaching out with these concerns representing a large group of individuals who wish to not take the time to write to you. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best regards,

A concerned student and staff member