Letter to the Editor: Concerning the religious activists

Anna Yang (and other Signal staff members),

The typical language of the religious activists who frequent our campus has became increasingly hostile in the past week, with activists calling out individual students and denouncing their cultures and beliefs.

I am not here to condemn religiosity, but rather to call for social justice and for treating others the way you want to be treated. Clearly, last Thursday’s display does not align with our university’s position of diversity – in fact, it is quite the opposite. Georgia State University is known for its diverse student population, as “a national leader in graduating students from widely diverse backgrounds.” (GSU website)

The jargon of the activists who visit our campus is protected under the first amendment, but that does not excuse their insensitive demeanor. Their goal is to get our attention, but in the worst possible way: at the expense of blaspheming the multitude of religious beliefs represented in our student body.

The actions of these protesters should be a reminder to us to stay informed and to remain advocates for understanding and cooperation rather than intolerance and condemnation.


Renee Vanamburgh


Education major, public policy minor