Letter to the Editor 12-4

‎”We are listening to our students, we are responding to them, and we are very excited about this addition.” -Cheryl L. Levick


If the Athletic Department is listening and responding to the student body, then why do they make every decision in the best interest of football, a team that has hardly any support on campus?

The creation of the women’s swim team is due to title nine and the fact that more females need to compete to even out the increase of football players -not because students are dying for a swim team-.

Sure, ask the students if they think it would be nice to have a swim team, and what is there to oppose? But ask them if they want to cut other programs (men’s running), drain the university’s money, and continue with the higher educational costs all in the name of football? Probably a different story. Do students really support their hard earned money going to football player’s ventilated lockers and stays in extremely expensive hotels the night before a home game? Doubtful.

Is the student body excited that other talented, hardworking, actually smart athletes are having their college competition and dreams canceled all for the football team?

Football games are barely attended. Single parents, commuters, and students who work all the time make up a majority of the school. A cheaper education takes a lot more priority than a football team that always looses. Ask any student on campus if they care about the football team, and you’ll get an unenthusiastic answer. Or just pick up the newspaper to see peoples’ views on football.

No matter how badly the Athletic Department wants our school to be like UGA, they shouldn’t manipulate facts to make it seem like they listen to the desires of the student body.

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