Letter from the Editor: It’s all about you

Dear readers,

We are back again with our annual Sex Issue just in time for Valentine’s day.

We took a different approach this year and focused on awareness. Awareness of sexuality and social problems are within these pages. College is a time to explore what YOU desire. Take hold of your life and live with it. Let the good times roll, am I right?

It’s OK to speak about it in public. It’s OK to open your eyes wide and see the world. The good and the bad.

We all will ask Google, Wikipedia or Siri about things we are curious.  But it’s better to go out and experience it. You never know what you like until you try. Also, remember to educate yourself too.

Georgia State has the Student Health Services at 141 Piedmont Ave., Suite D (right next to the University Commons) for your health related needs and could provide information on various health topics.

Yours truly,

Troi Charity