Letter to the Editor: ‘The Fingerprint Stunt’ editorial

‎Dear editor,

I disagree that the scanners are a PR stunt. The robberies were bad PR, and GSU must genuinely want them to stop (even if for that reason alone). Furthermore, while lines for the library are long, the blame for that shouldn’t be placed on the library (which did publicize the coming scanners) but rather on the school’s communications system. In the fall, I saw signs in the library that I needed to register my fingerprints at the PantherCard office. I went during the week before class started. It was a 10-minute wait, and since then I’ve been able to breeze right into the library without having to stand in line or show my card.  If everyone had known and registered their prints already, we wouldn’t have these lines.



Sara Harwood

Ph.D. Student

English Department

Georgia State University

This letter to the editor is in response to a staff editoral printed on Jan. 24.