Let’s Go, Scorpio babies!

Scorpio season is here, and we’re making the most of it! Well, that is until Mercury retrograde on Oct. 31.



Obstacles are rising and tensions are high. Set boundaries in place now to avoid big confrontations later. You’ve worked so hard to get to the space you’re at right now. Use this sweet spot right before the retrograde to relax. Things are only going to get more difficult. Any plans you make can be reworked with just a moment’s notice. 



Uranus is bringing in some unpleasant surprises. Don’t let last minute cancellations get you down. This is a brilliant time for imagining and dreaming about what could be. It won’t happen overnight, but the more thought you put into it, the easier it will be to get off the ground when the time is right.



Break free from responsibilities that no longer fit your goals. Step back from work and direct your attention to what you really want. Got a project that has been chilling on the back burner for months? Pick it back up and let’s see where it goes. Reimagine yourself with a better daily routine and go for it.



Let’s face it: Balancing work and your personal life seems nearly impossible to achieve. Don’t let your creative side get stifled by the endless hours of studying. It’s a lovely time to create a quiet safe space where you can explore your inner couch potato.



The new moon starts a brilliant new cycle for everyone but especially you, Leo. Cleanse your dwelling and connect with all that pent up creativity. A break in routine is coming!



Scorpio season isn’t bringing you all that you’ve hoped for but don’t worry. Get your responsibilities in order first and the rest will fall into place.



You are itching for some financial freedom! Hold off on making any expensive purchases as Mercury retrograde is right around the corner. Be especially mindful of where you place your valuables. Life is full of happy surprises, but the last thing any college student needs is to misplace their laptop!



Take a good look at some of your unflattering habits. Recognize that it is time for a change, Scorpio babe. Consider your relationships at face value. Anything that lacks flexibility, trust and independence deserves to be re-evaluated. Soak up all the fun, social energy at your disposal.



While everyone else is relishing in the bright and busy city lights, Sagittarius would rather connect over a cup of joe. The conversations you have right now will continue taking up space in your head over the next few weeks. Retrograde has a way of making everyone rethink things. Put down the planner and focus on relaxing.



It’s natural to feel uncertain of what the future holds. Don’t let this feeling of vulnerability frustrate you. Reflect on it and get to know what parts of it make you stronger. Rebellion is in the air, so let the drama commence. The turbulence in your friendships, relationships and business partnerships doesn’t end here.



Write down all the things you wish to manifest. Having a subtle visual reminder will help keep your eye on the prize, Aquarius. Making choices becomes rather difficult when there are so many voices shouting out at once. Don’t be surprised if anything career-related falls through. Now isn’t an ideal time to commit to anything too serious.



Stock up on tissues because a goodbye is definitely in the cards. This could be the end of a friendship or a very hopeful idea that no longer inspires you. Either way, breakups can be messy. The retrograde is sure to bring you some joy if you revisit old friends or places.