Leah’s school of style: Men’s shoes

Hot guy with bad shoes…ah, a classic tale. Often on campus, I’ll spot what appears to be an attractive male. Everything looks right, he has great style and he’s not headed towards the gym…so, wait…why the sneakers?

I’m convinced that men take more time to put an outfit together than they’d ever care to admit, but then abruptly stop at the ankles. “Ehh, nobody pays any attention to that,” “I’m running late so it doesn’t matter” and “shoes are small details anyways” are imaginable excuses for the poor choices in footwear.

Actually, guys, shoes can make or break your outfit. So tomorrow morning when you’re getting dressed, ditch the unfortunate socks-and-sandals combo and go for a more put-together look like these Georgia State men did.

Benjamin Young is a managerial science major.
Shoes: Sid Mashburn
Matt Petters is a computer information systems major.
Shoes: Aldo
Johnny Self is a photography major.
Shoes: Ecco