Last SGA Senate meeting of the semester brings up election controversy and three resolutions

At the last Student Government Association Senate meeting of the semester, senators were advised not to comment on the recent disqualification of former presidential candidate, Christian Hill, and on his removal from the office of vice president of student services.

“We have absolutely no involvement with that and have absolutely no more information,” Executive Vice President Taylor Briggs said to the senators Thursday night. “So please, unless you are privy to some information that we do not have please decline to comment, especially on behalf of SGA.”

Briggs also made clear that SGA has no control over the elections and the Election Commission is the one solely in charge.

“Right now the Student Government Association has no more information than [the senators] do. The governing body of this issue is the Election Commission,” Briggs said. “After the executive board approves the election commission we have no knowledge of what they do. We don’t talk about them in the office. We don’t know their timeline. We don’t attend any of their meetings. If you have any concerns about that , you can talk to Tiffany [Butts] who is the head of the Election Commission.”

Three resolutions were also passed during the meeting.

Resolution 12.3 called for “gender neutral restrooms.” The resolution requested already existing unisex restrooms to be renamed so they are more friendly toward those that don’t necessarily identify with either the male of female gender.

Resolution 12.4 called for the display of nutritional information of all food served on campus, whether it is prepared or packaged.

The last resolution passed by the senate was Resolution 12.5 which would send a letter to the Atlanta City Council requesting a city ordinance be passed banning smoking on Georgia State campus. This would allow the Georgia State Police Department to enforce the university’s tobacco ban.