Kingsman 2 The Golden Circle: A sequel in review

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Jumping right into a film’s sequel without the backstory can be quite a turn off. However, in this case, it was hard to resist. “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” is the sequel to the previous Matthew Vaughn film of 2014, “Kingsman: The Secret Service”. Although I have not seen the first movie, following along with the second was not too tough of a feat. The film was full of action, top secret missions and cool British slang — what’s not to love?!

“Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle” stars Taron Egerton as Eggsy. Eggsy is a young man who is a member of the secret British organization, the Kingsman, who pretty much go around trying to make all things right in the world…British style. The film is full of seasoned actors including Colin Firth (Harry Hart), Halle Berry (Ginger), Channing Tatum (Tequila) and Julianne Moore as the evil villainess Poppy. The film even features an extended cameo role by Elton John, who plays his part extremely well. The legendary singer can be seen belting a few tunes throughout the beginning of the film,which brings so much light and personality early on in the film.

Of course an action film can’t be an action film without a little peril, so that’s where the plot comes into play. In the film the Kingsman headquarters is destroyed by an evil opposition led by Julianne Moore’s character, Poppy. This unanticipated disaster forces whoever is left of the Kingsman to partner up with an allied spy organization in Kentucky known as the Statesman. With the Statesman headquarters being planted in Kentucky it is not a surprise that the filmmakers felt the need to play off of that with an emphasis on the country twang and accents. Watching Channing Tatum transform into and an agent with one of the world’s hardest accents is a sight to see and a sound I didn’t quite expect.

The two organizations, consisting of members with varied skills (such as managing a super-human-like lasso to fight off enemies), band together to save what is left of the world. Once again, Eggsy is out on a mission to save the world from destruction and evil domination.

Besides the serious issue of saving a world in peril, the cool British vibes and hip roadman talk (21st century London slang) have you leaving the theater planning your next vacation across the pond. Hearing words like “bruv” (our equivalent of “bruh” or “bro”) and the way words were precisely pronounced brought back a bit of nostalgia from my interaction with close British friends. For an individual who may not be savvy in international slang, this movie is the perfect start!

The lingo, top-secret missions and all of the heart-throbbing action would not be complete without Elton John’s extended cameo seen throughout the film. Ironically enough, John plays a captive of Poppy who is being held hostage and is constantly forced to sit around a piano and entertain her as a part of her malicious plan.

Eventually, towards the film’s triumphant ending, the audience had the pleasure of seeing a feisty, no-nonsense side of John that have viewers everywhere cheering him and the Kingsman on with a wink and a smile.


“Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle” is a great film that crosses over international boundaries and displays talents from America as well as across the pond. The action is everything and I will say, if you have never seen the first film, watching the sequel will make you anxious to see the genesis that started it all.