Just because you’re an ally doesn’t mean you support social groups

Over 90% of women aged 18 to 24 have experienced sexual harassment in public spaces, and more than 70 percent of women of all ages have endured such behavior. Photo by Harry Wyman | The Signal

Everyone loves to claim they are allies to minority groups, but they don’t support those same groups.

People are so quick to post #BlackLivesMatter, #Stop Asian Hate or #MeToo because they are trending, and people don’t want to fall into the cancel culture for staying silent on these issues. 

These are the same people who take allegations and ask the questions like “well, what was she wearing?” or “did he have a weapon?” 

These people are the problem with society. You can’t say you support when you genuinely don’t.  People’s lives are being affected by these events. My life was affected by these events. 

On March 10, Mashable reported on a study that found “97% of women aged 18 to 24 have experienced sexual harassment in public spaces.[in the United Kingdom]” 

This statistic is rarely talked about in our society. There is a small number of TikTok videos discussing the topic. But for every educational or supportive video, there are just as many dismissing the claims, mostly coming from men. 

They say things like “it’s not all men” or “let’s make it 100%” or “the 3% is just ugly.” Men are quick to say that they support women doing whatever they want, you know, “equal rights.” 

But once the 97% statistic came to light, many of them started blaming women for what had happened to them, saying that we can’t generalize the entire male population because of #NotAllMen, a movement to prove that not all men sexually assault women.  

But it’s not just men who murder, rape, take advantage of or abuse women. It’s the men who make sexist jokes. Still, they are “just playing.” It includes the ones who spike drinks, the gropers, the catcallers, the stalkers, the ones who think it’s okay to rape women, the ones who refuse to take responsibility and victim blamers. But most importantly, it’s the men who stay silent. 

As human beings, silence is our greatest enemy. 

I see people post things saying they support or disagree with an idea, then do something that just goes against everything they say. 

This hypocrisy is towards the LGBTQA+ community, BLM and SAH, etc. It’s time to call out society. You can’t say you support your daughter being bisexual, then go out and say, “all gay people are going to hell.” You can’t be inclusive online while simultaneously being a closeted racist. 

The world is changing. We can’t keep saying we support things because we are scared of the outcome of saying something. Yes, everyone has their own opinion, and we might not agree on something, but that’s okay. You can’t change people no matter how much their opinion might disgust you.

And, no, it doesn’t matter what she was wearing.