John Wesley Dobbs at Peachtree Street to be closed for streetcar construction

There will be a street closure at John Wesley Dobbs Avenue at Peachtree Street from April 7-21. The street will be closed due to guideway construction for the Atlanta Streetcar.

According to the Atlanta Street Car website, the construction may result in some detours and disturbances in traffic patterns.

The construction of the guideway is also permitted 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Kieran Beckford, freshman Journalism major, said that the street closure would negatively affect her trip to work which is near John Wesley Dobbs Avenue.

“Well, that means I would have to take a longer route to work,” Beckford said. “I would have to take Auburn Avenue. It would mean a longer walk than if I went on John Wesley Dobbs Avenue.”

Some of the establishments that are near the closure is Residence Inn Atlanta Downtown, Fulton Government Center and AMB Computers.

The Atlanta Streetcar when completed will result in a 2.7 mile loop coursing through downtown Atlanta.