Is traveling MARTA safe?

The Georgia Department of Transportation had a recent investigation with MARTA in August. Some safety features were not implemented since a contractor's death in 2018. Photo by Chasity Smith | The Signal

In a recent investigation of MARTA’s safety features, the Georgia Department of Transportation found that MARTA violated various safety procedures since the death of a contractor in 2018. MARTA has not been implementing safety monitoring, and it has forced safety officers to work around the clock without proper breaks. 

Many officers feared reporting these safety violations because they feared the toxic investigation culture brought upon in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

MARTA is unsafe because of the officer’s fear of reporting violations. Sure, everyone has fears they do not want to face in their lives. Their fear should not be a reason why they endangered so many lives who rely on MARTA’s services. 

MARTA’s daily ridership in Atlanta has an average of 432,900 people a week. The fear of these officers could have harmed many people who rely on MARTA. 

Not everyone has a car, so they heavily rely on MARTA to take them places in the Atlantan area. Fearing a ‘toxic culture’ is not a valid reason to put that many lives at stake.

It has been four years since the death of a contractor, and during that time, the safety officers had a petty fear of ‘toxic culture,’ so they refused to implement the new safety procedures in MARTA?

At best, it is a pathetic excuse because they put thousands of lives at stake for this sorry excuse of a reason. 

People should not put their lives on the line because of a fear of a journalism company.

Sure, everyone has fears they would like to avoid altogether. But not all of these fears harm human lives in the process. Their fear of ‘toxic culture’ does not sound like a reasonable fear. It sounds like an excuse for not doing their job correctly. 

It reeks of laziness. If anything, it sounds like it is a retaliation for not taking the proper breaks and using the saying of ‘toxic culture’ as an excuse. This retaliation could have harmed thousands of lives who rely on MARTA’s services as part of their daily lives. 

It has been four long years since they have avoided this safety feature.

The lack of proper breaks for the safety officers of MARTA could endanger thousands of lives. 

Without appropriate breaks for the safety officers, their overall morale becomes nonexistent. When employees have low morale, they do not do their jobs properly. 

When someone does not have the morale to do their job correctly, they make excuses to make it seem like it was not their fault when it is their fault for not doing their job. 

Low morale has endangered passengers’ lives for four years. They did not feel like they were required to implement these features, thus making an excuse when the Georgia Department of Transportation finally investigated them.