In the Spotlight: A Q&A with GSU’s Acting and Film Club

CAST is a newly revived student organization that provides a creative environment for those interested in pursuing any and every aspect of film production. Photos by: Justin Clay
Photos by: Justin Clay
Photos by: Justin Clay

Atlanta is currently nestled in the middle of a huge film boom. With the industry growing so quickly, it’s no surprise that more opportunities are popping up on the Georgia State campus, as well.

CAST, which is a film and acting club here at GSU, offers a practice space for cinematographers, actors, screenwriters, and directors – both with and without experience – to break into the field. The Signal talked with the co-founder and vice president of CAST, Monica Edelhoff, to talk about the club and its future.

How did CAST get started?
“CAST started as an idea between myself and my friend Kleveland Bishop. We both wanted to create a film organization on campus where film students could get together and create short films, and where actors could gain experience and footage to present to agents. We worked hard to come up with the constitution for CAST and what we wanted to bring to Georgia State and Atlanta.”

What all do you do, just production or do you offer workshops?
“We do productions as well as hosting different programs. Our first program was a Q&A with singer Sevyn Streeter and we went to do a Dessert and Monologue Program, Comedy Show and also a Q&A with Talent Agency J Pervis.”

Do you have any upcoming projects?
We are currently working on developing a web series for our next project. Right now, we don’t know what we will do for sure. We have one script with a few episodes, but we also want to see what some members may come up with, so I can’t really say for sure yet.”

What happens at your meetings?
“At our meetings the pre-production team will work on a short film that they want to produce. Actors do different improv games as well as practice audition techniques and later audition for roles to be in the short films we produce.”

Do you have any specific goals this year for expanding your group?
“This year we are expanding our E-Board, so that we may be able to take in more actors and screenwriters in order to produce a web series and short films or sketches.”

Do you plan on making teams for the upcoming 48-hour film festival?
“Members in the organization will form teams, but we will not have a CAST team for this upcoming festival.”

[Note: A 48-hour film festival refers to festivals in which all films are produced and edited in the 48 hours allotted by the festival. Genres are assigned upon entry, and most movies require the use of a specific plot point or prop.]

How can people get involved with CAST and should they have prior experience in film production/acting?
“People can get involved by going on to our Orgsync page and requesting to join the organization so that they receive emails when we host new member meetings. They do not have to have prior experience, but if they do that is just a plus for us! We strive to have both experienced and inexperienced members in order to provide a learning experience and hands-on training with students who have had more training.”

If you’re looking to break into the film industry, CAST can help you get the experience you need. With positions for actors, directors and production teams, everyone is welcome to join. Whether you have experience or not. Remember, if you’re going to “break a leg,” you’ll need a CAST.

Follow Monica’s advice and sign up for their e-mails at: to stay up-to-date on all the CAST productions and events.

C.A.S.T. (left to right) Officers Marcus Deon, Monica Edelhoff, Hugo Donis, and Robert Walton discuss their mission and answer questions Photos by: Justin Clay
C.A.S.T. (left to right) Officers Marcus Deon, Monica Edelhoff, Hugo Donis, and Robert Walton discuss their mission and answer questions
Photos by: Justin Clay