Imagining the Imagine Music Festival

After the pandemic canceled 2020’s Imagine Music Festival, the festival is returning at a venue featuring over 20 new artists Submitted by Imagine Festival

As more and more people across the U.S. receive the Covid vaccine, concert venues and music festivals are preparing to enter stage left.  

The prospect of live music’s return is a topic welcomed by both musicians and listeners alike. In Georgia, EDM fans can look forward to the return of the bass-filled, underwater fantasy that is the Imagine Music Festival, the largest EDM festival in Georgia.

To describe Imagine Music Festival only as “the largest EDM festival in Georgia” is reductive. The Imagine Festival builds a fantasy world surrounding the culture of the event.

A prominent underwater motif surrounds the festival. The background of the event’s website is a giant jelly fish with assorted fish dotting the screen. Imagine’s aesthetic is best described by the festival’s tagline of “an aquatic fairy tale.”

The immersive fantasy surrounding Imagine Festival is most apparent with its “Imaginarium,” an idea unique to the festival that is described as a “lost civilization.” the Imaginarium promises “wisdom transmissions, ancient mystery sharing, ceremony and practical applications of earth-based concepts” in addition to the live music.

The Imaginarium offers a multitude of free workshops covering topics such as yoga and sacred geometry.

Past the underwater fantasy lies the heart of the EDM festival: the musicians.

This year’s lineup includes some of the hottest names in EDM such as Excision, Madeon, and Adventure Club B2B Riot Ten and around 40 more artists aside from these. The lineup ensures that attendees receive the live music experience they missed out on in 2020. 

Imagine Music Festival co-founder Glenn Goodhand expressed his excitement for the finalized lineup.

“The diversity and special B2Bs(which refers to two DJ’s performing on the same stage at the same time)  make this one of the most exciting lineups to date,” he said.” “We are putting together an experience we hope will help relieve some of the pain we have felt over this past year.”

Earlier in the year, festival organizers announced that the Imagine Festival would be moving to Bouckaert Farms in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia. EDM fans will recognize this venue as the former location of the TomorrowWorld festival.

The festival’s new location is a sharp contrast from Atlanta Motor Speedway, the festival’s previous location. At Chattahoochee Hills, concertgoers will have a more intimate experience with Mother Nature.

“Nature is now our ultimate special guest,” Goodhand said. “I get chills thinking about the moments we will share again.” 

The organizers cite that the new location will make for a more immersive experience due to its forested location and that the 8000 acres of land for the festival to present itself on makes it almost 10 times the land compared to Atlanta Motor Speedway.

Tickets are currently on sale for the event, but according to the Imagine Festival’s Twitter, tickets are 70% sold out. Tickets start at $329 for general admission and $499 for VIP passes, and both tickets cover the entire three days. The Imagine Festival is set to take place Sept. 17-19.