If they aren’t hungry, then I don’t want them

Honestly, if he isn’t hungry, then I don’t want him. 

Hunger is not just the instinct to feed ourselves; it also describes the desire to become something greater than yourself and what you know.

A hungry person has a clear sense of drive to pursue their passions and goals; they crave a life outside of what they know and will do whatever it takes to get closer to and eventually achieve that goal. 

Ambition, much like breathing and blinking, is a constant of life. An unambitious person is a drag to be around; no new plans or even attempts at moving up from their current state leaves little to be admired. They spend their days doing the exact same thing they did the day before and often do just less than the bare minimum to survive. 

Now, considering the description and your desire to hate the person described, then why would you date them? 

If I had a dollar for every conversation about a friend’s partner who lacked ambition and didn’t provide emotional support in their relationship, then I would have enough to pay for a year’s worth of their gas for dating a loser with no drive. 

Stop wasting your time in a dead-end relationship that doesn’t offer you emotional fulfillment. If the person you are with has no goals, dreams or any aspirations outside of getting up and barely making it to class on time, then maybe they aren’t the right person for you.

Relationships should be a mutual effort. If your partner is dragging you down because they’re jealous of or upset at your accomplishments, wishes you would slow down or does not support your goals, then they are not worth your time. 

Madison Rodriguez, a political science major at Georgia State, knows the struggles of having a driveless partner all too well. 

“My ex-boyfriend held me back from reaching my full potential because he was a bum who would never strive for anything,” Rodriguez said. “While I was working at my dream job and getting new opportunities and dealing with many extracurricular activities, he would complain that he could not keep up with me and that he was not good enough for me.” 

Rodriguez admits the relationship was one-sided, saying, “Because I was so scared to be alone, I made myself diminish into someone he could be comfortable with instead of telling him that yes, he was not good enough for me.” 

Don’t be afraid to walk away, and certainly don’t force yourself to stick around “because you love them.” You don’t love them; you love the idea of them. If they really loved you, they would jump at the opportunity to stand in the front row to watch you succeed.