I got caught: My lesson on public indecency

There is something so fundamentally naughty about having sex in a public place. It’s so taboo, but when it happens, it’s a lot of fun. The usual areas for sexual public displays are in a car or a movie theatre. I’ve had this public fetish for a few years now. The possibility of being caught was a huge turn-on for me, until…well…I got caught.


I was dating a guy a couple of years ago who shared my same fetish for public sex. Although he was tepid in everyday life, he was bold when it came to having sex in public.

We were on a road trip one night and we were in the mood. We weren’t familiar with the town we were in, so we thought the safest thing would be to stay in the car. We pulled into an abandoned parking lot and got to it.

A few minutes later there was a knock on the glass window, and there stood a rural police man with a flashlight in our faces. I was as naked and as scared as a baby blue jay. He told us to get out of the car. I asked if we could put our clothes on first and he nodded. We got out of the car and stood next to each other and looked at our feet.

The policeman started asking us questions, and we told him we were coming from Atlanta and were on our way to a family reunion. He could obviously tell we were worried. He gave us a speech about finding Jesus and having morals in “his” small town, and then, for reasons unknown to me, he let us off with a warning. Maybe it was the fact that we were young, or obviously terrified and embarrassed by the situation.

As we got into the car to finish our trip to the reunion, I realized that although having sex in public places was incredibly hot to me, it wasn’t worth going through that situation again. I was very lucky to not have a record of indecency and I vowed I could keep it that way. So, now, I only have sex in the privacy of my––or someone else’s––home.