Hundreds of Americans left in Afghanistan

Illustration by Evan Koenigs | The Signal

As the United States military began to wrap up its historic departure from Afghanistan, they made many promises. They have not met those promises to this day, and the most important of those promises was that they would get everyone out. Meanwhile, nearly a week after the last fights took off from Kabul, several Americans and their allies remain stranded in the country. Unable to leave, unable to go home.

When asked if there was a timeline to get everyone else out, a US State Department spokesperson said, “At this time no, but once we have made arrangements, they will be getting out.”

That leaves the families of those still in Afghanistan very concerned. Nearly 30 students are unaccounted for after they left with their families in a California school district. 

Back home, we’ve been attempting to contact at least five Georgia State students who have yet to return to Atlanta after visiting family over the summer. The Signal has chosen to keep the names of these student’s from the story to protect them. 

“It’s heartbreaking; I love America. I [have] lived there for half my life. My parents are there. My friends are there. And I’m stuck here, with nowhere to go.” one student said. While their safety is in the minds of many, they are more worried about their education. “I don’t even know if they dropped me from my classes yet, thousands of dollars down the drain for seemingly nothing.”

We attempted to reach out to both the Office of the Registrar and the Office of Advisement. However, we got no responses from either. Georgia State has not made any public comments regarding how many students are in Afghanistan, much to the dismay of the students still stuck in the country. 

“I feel forgotten, I’ve attempted to reach out to the university about my situation, and I’ve gotten no response. I don’t even have internet access to submit a Panther Answer. I’m stuck here until I can manage to find my way out.” The student said. 

“Don’t get me wrong. I am safe. I’m grateful that my uncle let me stay here until I can leave. It’s just crazy that I’m enjoying my family one day and the next day I’m being rushed to the airport. Hoping and praying that I can get a spot on the plane.”

According to the Department of State, there are 100-200 known Americans still in Afghanistan. However, the Department of State has ensured the safety of all citizens still in the country. 

However, that’s not enough. As the weeks roll on, students have begun to question whether or not coming is possible. The situation in Afghanistan is heartbreaking. Still, they hold out hope that they can return home and return to their studies.