How to transition from summer to fall

Are you ready for a new semester? Here are four ways you can prepare to transition smoothly from summer to fall.

1. Accept the change

It is difficult to accept that fact that lazy Tuesdays by the pool have come to an end, but soon it will be time to return to the reality that is fall semester. Here are some tips to help transition from summer to fall:

Don’t spend too much time pining for the days of waking up in the afternoon and prep yourself mentally for what is coming. Knowing that you have to get back on your work grind is the first step to being successful at it. Accept the challenge.

2. Get organized

Get your thoughts on paper and make a list! What are your personal and academic goals for the semester? It will come in handy to have them written down for you to check off.

3. Be smart about your time

Contrary to what people say, there’s time for studying, socializing and sleeping! Just split it up wisely. Not every day has to be a spent in the library and not every night has to be a party. It helps to schedule out your time for each activity separately.

4. Embrace the new semester

Get excited for new classes, new faces and new experiences! College isn’t all about the academics, so be sure to remember all the fun things you have to look forward to: football games, Panther welcome week and upcoming festivals in Atlanta.