How DavidTheTragic is making waves in Atlanta’s rap scene

Atlanta is full of enigmatic musicians who are constantly changing the artistic landscape and norms that have been set by other musicians before.

One of these artists is DavidTheTragic. David is not only a musician but also a sophomore at Georgia State, and his posters can be seen scattered all throughout campus promoting his shows and music.

David’s interest in music began at an early age. His family and early life were filled with musical inspirations that helped him shape his style today.

“I used to listen to a lot of Isaiah Rashad and a lot of R&B music,” David said. “My mom used to play OutKast when I was growing up and stuff, and I like Miguel a lot.”

David began recording music early on but did not start taking it seriously until later in his life, when he discovered he had a natural talent for music and decided he wanted to get better at rapping. With help from his friends, David began seriously recording his own music and perfecting the craft.

“I started recording music when I was, like, 12 or 13 years old. Back when I was in high school, like when I was a junior or senior is when I started taking music more seriously,” David said. “My homeboys used to record at their house and they kept saying, ‘You should rap,’ so I started rapping.”

Since then, David has put out a considerable discography, including a myriad of singles and albums. He has also performed a number of shows since the start of his career, which is a big part of his identity as an artist.

“The first time I ever performed live was at the old Masquerade. I was like 15. It was the first time I’ve ever been on stage,” David said. “Since then, I’ve done like eight or nine shows, but I honestly can’t remember how many shows I’ve done, to be honest.”

David puts on a show when he performs making this a highlight of his artistry. His engaging attitude and energy on stage make his shows a unique experience to other Atlanta artists. Overall, his onstage presence defines DavidTheTragic as an artist and puts him above others.

“I have mixed for him before. He loves to be up there. You can feel his energy, and he doesn’t fake it either,” DJ Willie, a friend of David’s and a junior at Georgia State, said. “You can tell he means what he raps. His shows are one of the most important elements to him as an artist. He really creates an amazing experience.”

Not only can David put on a good show, but he has the substance to make up for it. His music can present a unique experience to the listener’s ear. He has the ability to mold his rap style, and his lyricism is clever, which makes his music replayable and enjoyable. David can go from rapping on a booming trap beat to a lo-fi boom-bap beat and still deliver a listenable experience.

“His versatility and flows really set him apart. He can get on a wide variety of beats and refresh his bars to not only work with the beat but also surprise the listener. His wordplay is very exceptional and his energy is unmatched,” DJ Willie said.

David’s creative process is not very complicated. In fact, he takes inspiration from his experiences in his daily life and expresses them through his lyrics. His bars come from a genuine place and creatively, he wants to express himself while also trying to make a living off of it.

“I live life and just go through things and express them. That’s how I make my music,” David said. “I kind of just create and try to live off it as well. I’m looking into avenues to where I could make that happen. I’m genuine, I feel like you could hear that and see that in the music.”

Being a student and a musician, David’s story is something with which many people can easily relate. However, David sticks out as he was able to build his skills from the ground up, using raw talent to create genuine art unique to him.

“He’s very relatable. I feel like I’m listening to someone going through similar struggles and challenges in life [that I am]. It’s very motivating to see him work; his process is unique,” DJ Willie said. “I want to elevate because of the way I’ve seen him come up from nothing. He showed me you can create your own path regardless of who you are.”

Overall, DavidTheTragic is one of the most promising artists in Atlanta’s art scene with a promising career ahead of him. His next project could be a turning point for his career.

“I just released the artwork and the tracklist for this project I’m about to release; it’s called ‘Bender,’” David said.

David’s music delivers a unique experience to the listener and his work ethic can be inspiring to other Atlanta musicians. His ability on stage sets him apart from other Atlanta artists, and he pushes himself to be the best artist he can be.

“He stays humble. He did it all himself and kept working towards his goals. Students and musicians can definitely relate; the grind is real. Everyone knows what to do to succeed, but not everyone puts it into practice,” DJ Willie said. “You have to put in the work to be the best. David knows this, and that’s why he’s on your aux.”


How to find DavidTheTragic:

Instagram: @davidthetragic

Twitter: @DavidTheTragic

SoundCloud: davidthetragic

New project “Bender” comes out Dec. 4