How Beyoncé and Taylor Swift are improving the economy.

Photo by Kevin Winter | Getty Images

Beyoncé and Taylor Swift, both incredibly popular and influential artists, and have had a significant impact on the economy through their tours and live performances. From Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, the economy has skyrocketed due to their powerful influence. Both artists have sold out shows, leaving a significant mark on the U.S. economy. 

Beyoncé brought her Renaissance World Tour to the Mercedes-Benz Stadium on Aug. 11, 12 and 14. The last time Beyonce was in Atlanta was in 2018, so the Atlanta crowd was beyond ecstatic to welcome her back. The lively audience at one point led Beyoncé to say, “Atlanta, Georgia… I love you.” She left a mark not only on Atlanta’s fans but also on Atlanta’s economy.   

Atlanta welcomed Taylor Swift’s Eras tour on April 28, 29 and 30 at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour included all of Taylor Swift’s music eras, from Fearless to Folklore. This immediately led to sold-out shows all over the country as fans from every era were to be celebrated. Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour in Atlanta was a moment to remember for fans as she sang many surprise songs, from High Infidelity” to “How You Get The Girl.”   

Excited fans from the Renaissance and the Eras Tour’s led to a high surge in the U.S. economy. Here’s how their tours have contributed to the economy: 


Both Taylor Swift’s and Beyoncé’s tours generate massive revenue from ticket sales, merchandise and other associated expenses. With sold out shows around the world,  this influx of revenue directly benefits the local economies of the cities where they perform, including increased traffic in hotels, restaurants, transportation services and more. 

Another way is through job opportunities. The scale of these tours requires a substantial workforce to manage various aspects, such as event planning, production, security, catering and more. This translates to open jobs for many people, including event planners, stage crew, security personnel, ushers, merchandise vendors and more. The production of a large-scale tour involves hiring a team of professionals, including lighting and sound technicians, stage designers, costume designers, choreographers and more. These professionals often work locally in each city the tour visits, providing a boost to the creative and technical industries in those areas. 

Taylor Swift and Beyoncé’s tours attract fans from around the world, leading to an increase in tourism in the cities they visit. This influx of visitors can lead to higher hotel occupancy rates, increased spending on local attractions and overall economic growth for the city’s tourism sector. 

The media coverage and attention generated by these tours also indirectly contributed to the local economy. Cities that host these high-profile concerts receive substantial media coverage, leading to increased visibility and potentially attracting more events and investment in the future. 

Both Taylor Swift and Beyoncé massively contributed to charities in each city they visited. Taylor Swift and Beyoncé are known for their philanthropic efforts. During their tours, they often promote and support various charitable causes, raising awareness and funds for important social issues. This can have a positive impact on local and global communities. 

The economic impact of Taylor Swift and Beyoncé’s tours extends beyond the music industry, benefiting various sectors of the economy, and contributing to local economic growth, job creation and cultural enrichment.