Horoscope 2/25 – 3/4

The Astrology technique I will be using in doing these weekly Astro-readings will be of the discipline called “Vedic” Astrology. Vedic astrology is translated with the “side-real” time of the Zodiac; this is using the “real” time of the rotation of the planets. The Western Astrology system is 37 degrees (37 days) off from the real time of the planets. What this means is most people in the Western countries are really a different sign than what they are told. I have put the sidereal dates next to the astrology signs so you can accurately see your true sign. This Vedic astrology specializes in predicting everyday occurrences that may affect us in our movements upon this planet in this life-time and beyond.

Aries Horoscope: (April 13 – May 14)

The Moon will be moving into Leo early next week and this will bring a much needed coolness to your intense “hot” mind. The Sun is scorching you at this time and Mercury is having communication problems, this would be a good time to flex your independent nature and get your duties done on your own. Normal people will not be able to keep up with all your revolutionary energy and you do not have the patience for them. So go it alone for a while, things will get done much better this way. Keep a cool head, especially towards the mothers in your life.

Taurus Horoscope: (May 15 – June 13)

This week Mercury goes “retrograde”, which means communication problems. You have had the need to really express yourself at school and at work. You have been in “blabber-mouth” mode for the last two weeks and it has been to your benefit. Unfortunately, you still have a great need to express yourself, but with Mercury acting up, communications will be “going south”. We cannot shut you up, so just prepare to explain yourself more often. You will still be successful in getting what you need to get done, it will just take longer. Be patient.

Gemini Horoscope: (June 14 – July 13)

Your ruler Mercury will bring your attention to the fine details of dealing with fathers, teachers, Gurus, and any other male authorities in your life. Either these relationships are disturbed by strife and arguments, or the father is sickly. Whichever, you will have to exhibit some patience in the matter, at-least for the next two weeks while Mercury gets through his weird communication phase. This may be a very philosophical period in your life, making you attracted to spiritual or religious subjects. There will be a feeling to want to travel long distance and see different parts of the world. Of-course, if you are tied down in everyday movements, it is probably best to just watch the National Geographic Channel. But, if you can get away for a week or two, this would be a great educational experience for our Gemini natives.

Cancer Horoscope: (July 14 – Aug 13)

You will be feeling an extra crabby this week with your ruler the Moon going home to her own sign of Cancer. This will make it hard for you to get out of the house, especially the bedroom. The Moon in her own sign makes Cancers want to just cozy up in their beds and hibernate in the dream world. They want to be served hand and foot; food brought to them in bed, back massages, praises, worship “All glories to the Moon Goddess!” Of-course in reality our little Cancers are going to have to make do with what little pleasures they can squeeze out of it. It may not be everything they want, but I am sure they can find someone out there to pamper them this weekend.

Leo Horoscope: (Aug 14 – Sept 13)

With the Moon cruising through Cancer and eventually ending up in Leo by the middle of next week, this will give our Leos some help with the relationship department. There will still be fiery arguments, but the Moon will help them come to some calm solutions. For our married Leos, who can’t get away from their mates at the moment, this will shed a cool light within all the heat and fire. Until the Sun and Mars exit Aquarius which should be in the middle of March, relationships will be going through the ringer. Be patient, and if you can get things done on your own, this would best for your “peace-of-mind”.

Virgo Horoscope: (Sept 14 – Oct 13)

Similar to Gemini, our Virgo natives will have to deal with their ruler planet Mercury going retrograde in Aquarius. This makes communications hard on everyone, especially Virgos, who just love to express themselves. Radical ideals, misunderstandings, arguments are usually the characteristics of having Mercury acting up in Aquarius. Try to save your far-out ideals for the end of March, when people will be more opened to them. Now is not a good time and you will get resistance. It is best to write them down in your personal diary and nourish them through your own thoughts. Females will still play a key role in some of your successes, because of Venus in your house of love affairs. She will add some sweetness to your life, even if the communications are little off. Enjoy her while you can, she will be leaving this house by the beginning of March.

Libra Horoscope: (Oct 14 – Nov 13)

Things may go reversal on you this period; Saturn has just gone retrograde in your sign, which means that things that were giving you problems may finally work themselves out. Kids are really under attack in your chart with Mars, Mercury, and the Sun in your “house of children”, however Saturn will bring some relief or give you sound solutions in handling the crisis. Relationships will have communication problems for the next two weeks; try to keep your demands to a bare minimum. Motherly people will be a source of pleasure during these hard times, take shelter of them when you can. And as usual, stay away from hard drugs, violent and depressive images and negative people, at-least for the next 16 months.

Scorpio Horoscope: (Nov 14 – Dec 15)

Scorpions are very busy with looking out for the mothers and sisters in their lives. Being an attentive son, brother, daughter, or sister, they are very good at taking care what is needed to protect their love ones. Nevertheless, the Moon is presently transiting your house of partners and you do wish to spend some time with your significant other. But, time is very tight and you are very busy. You may have to wait deep into the weekend to get a little break for some pleasure.

Sagittarius Horoscope: (Dec 16 – Jan 12)

Even though Sagittarians are full of communication this month, Mercury is going to be throwing a wrench into it for the next two weeks. You have a great need to let everyone know how you feel, but you thoughts will be way ahead of your mouth. Slow down a bit and let your words caught-up to reduce misunderstandings. This is still a good time for career moves in school and at work. Letting people know about your unique ideals will get you noticed for a promotion or good grades. The Moon will be going into Gemini soon, which will help in getting others to see things your way.

Capricorn Horoscope: (Jan 13 – Feb 15)

Capricorns are being sought after by the lovelies, they either want your love and money, or just your money! Watch your finances around the “pretty” people. You should spruce up your wardrobe, get a new hair-do, hair-cut and get all “cute” on us. You are looking and feeling good with Venus encouraging you on. This should be a fun month, even with Mercury and Saturn clowning on everybody. While you can, enjoy your little rendezvous with Venus. She will be headed to “wild-butt” Aquarius by next week to fight it out with all those planets in there, so have your fun!

Aquarius Horoscope: (Feb 16 – March 14)

With our ruler Saturn and Mercury going retrograde on us, things just went from bad to worse. We Aquarians must chill-out; leave all communications to the other signs . . . literally go crawl up into a cave until the end of March. Of-course, this is not feasible, but you get the ideal. Don’t argue. If someone gets in your face wanting to fight, tell them “next month”, because there is a good chance you will lose the fight and get a serious head injury in the process. Try some spiritual meditation, drink relaxing herbal teas, get a deep muscle massage, or exercise your butt off! The best thing is to stay away from controversies. Good luck!

Pisces Horoscope: (March 13 – April 12)

The Piscean folks are feeling a lot of energy coming from Mercury who is presently retrograde, bed-time pleasures are on the menu. This should a very sexually experimental time for you. Doing things you might never have thought of doing. Just the same, Mercury in Aquarius brings in wild and crazy ideals to the bedroom, and Mars gives you the power to execute them. You may have a need to escape the humdrum cycles of material life and dive deeper into the mysteries of life. You could read books like the “Kama-Sutra”, “Tibetan Book of the Dead”, or have a spiritual reading done about your place in life. Whatever it may be you are diving deeper into the meaning of why you are here on this planet. Enjoy!