Hello fall! I welcome you.

As of 10:29 p.m. this past Monday, it’s official. Fall season has arrived.

I’m not sure if it’s because I was born in October, but I’ve always loved autumn; it’s the only season I actually look forward to. Summer is simply too hot, spring has too many rainy days and winter is too cold. After experiencing “Snowpocalypse” I don’t think I’ll ever enjoy winter.

The fall season brings more than great weather; by the time fall begins everyone is well into their schedules and they have adjusted to changes. At the beginning of the season we’re always in at least our third week of classes. By this time everyone knows how to maneuver their way through campus and has solidified their daily routines.

You don’t have to worry about long waits for One Stop Shop, checking your book bag to go buy overpriced course materials and you’ve grown accustomed to plaza days. There should be nothing but smooth sailing from this point on.

There are a lot of financial benefits and opportunities associated with the fall season. Since most of the out-of-state college students are returning to school, their summer jobs now become your part time position. This is a chance to bless your bank account abundantly. Consider creating a squirrel fund. Squirrels stuff their space with acorns; you can stuff your pockets with money.

Here’s a last chance to show your school spirit. Go to the last few football games. Yes, the temperature has dropped a little, but you can bring your favorite blanket and snuggle up.

Dating is very popular during this season. Whether you’re already in a committed relationship or you’re looking for a new beau, fall usually ignites that relationship fire. What’s referred to as “cuffing season” really does exist. People are looking for someone to latch on to. Expect to see more PDA and people posting about their date nights on social media.

And now for my personal favorite: fall fashion. I absolutely love the seasonal change in attire. Cosby sweaters and hoodies are my fashion weakness, the only trend I’ll admit to partaking in.

Fall challenges anyone who considers themselves a fashionista or clothes enthusiast. Anyone can pair a t-shirt with a pair of shorts and wear sandals for summer, but to transform your entire wardrobe and still be stylish is a garment gift.

Take advantage of the fall season. Grab a blanket and catch a football game, check out new dating scenes, invest in yourself financially and break out your favorite hoodie.