Harrow’s 27 lead gains Georgia State victory over Golden Eagles

Men’s basketball continued their winning streak at home Sundaywith a 68˗55 victory over the Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles at the Sports Arena.

First Half

Georgia State scored the first points of the game on their first possession. The Golden Eagles then took a 3˗2 lead when Rasham Suarez nailed a three for Southern Miss’ first points of the game.

With the score at 5˗4 in favor of the Golden Eagles, the Panthers gained the lead by four at 9˗5 with five consecutive points from Ryan Harrow. Harrow’s second made three of the game extended the Georgia State advantage 12˗7. Then, Chip Armelin of the Golden Eagles drained a shot behind the three˗point arc bringing Southern Miss 12˗10.

Georgia State maintained their one˗point lead at 14˗12 before another three by Armelin gave the Golden Eagles a 15˗14 lead. Harrow made a wide open three placing Georgia State in the lead, 17˗15.

On the next Georgia State possession, another Harrow three upped the Panthers lead 20˗15. Harrow then contributed an assist on a layup by Jordan Session to cap an 8˗0 run increasing Georgia State’s lead to 22˗15.

Suarez made a three bringing the Golden Eagles 22˗18. Davon Hayes fouled Kevin Ware who made a couple of free throws bringing the score to 24˗18. R.J. Hunter’s first three of the game and a slam dunk by Kevin Ware extended the run 7˗0 and the Panthers lead 29˗18.

The Panthers lead increased 36˗21. A three from Kevin Holland brought the Golden Eagles 36˗24.

With the score 38˗26 in favor of Georgia State, Southern Miss had an opportunity to hold for the last shot. Armelin made his fourth three of the game as time expired in the half to produce a 38˗29 halftime tally.

Second Half

Southern Miss scored the first four points of the second half with two˗pointers by Norville Carey and Chip Armelin. Early in the half, Hunter returned from the locker room to the Georgia State bench due to illness late in the first half. He would later return to the game.

The Panthers got on the board on two occasions in the early points of the half as both were layups in transition to Harrow. This placed Georgia State ahead 42˗33 as Harrow’s point total became 23. A steal from Hunter then led to a foul by Armelin on Ware, which placed him at the line as he made both free throws to produce a 44˗33 score.

Two made free throws by Norville Carey made the score read 44˗35, Hunter’s first field goal of the second half along with a three by Jalen Brown and Harrow’s 25th point extended the run 10˗0 and the lead 54˗35.

A three by Suarez cut the deficit to 16 at 54˗38.

The score later became 56˗40 in favor of Georgia State. Then, Hunter made three free throws bringing the score 59˗40. Off another Harrow layup and another Bingaya three, the score became 61˗43.

With the score at 64˗46, Bingaya’s second three of the game cut their deficit to 15 at 64˗49. A pair of made free throws by Hunter and Session each extended the Georgia State advantage to 68˗49.

Jamie Chapman was then fouled by Harrow, then subsequently made a pair of free throws. Hayes was then fouled by Carter Cagle who then made one of two from the line. A three from Michael O’Donnell made the score 68˗55, ending the game.

 The Panthers face Green Bay at 1 p.m. on Saturday. Georgia State defeated Green Bay at the Sports Arena 72˗48 in early December.


Final Stats
Georgia State Southern Miss
Harrow: 27 points, 11˗21 shooting Hunter: 13 points, seven assists
Armelin: 16 points, 4˗8 three˗pointers Suarez: 12 points, 4˗10 shooting