GSUPD Crime Supression Unit responds to Patton Hall alert

GSUPD responded to a Patton Hall alert earlier today, about a non-Georgia State student. Photo by: Noah Britton | The Signal

The Georgia State Police Department (GSUPD) responded to an emergency call from Patton Hall on Friday afternoon, Oct. 6.

A female student called the department after an unknown male allegedly entered her dorm, according to Chief of Police Joseph Spillane.

The male was not a Georgia State student, but was checked in by a friend.

“We believe he randomly entered some girl’s room. We are not sure what happened in the room,” Spillane told The Signal. “She was not assaulted, but screamed when she did not know the male.”

Georgia State’s Crime Suppression Unit, a rapid response unit comprised of six GSUPD officers, responded to the call. The unit is armed with patrol rifles, and carries them in situations where the chief said, “we don’t know whether or not the person is armed in a dorm.”

GSUPD have identified the male, and believe he is no longer on campus. The investigation team is taking out a warrant for his arrest, according to Spillane.

“We don’t think there’s a danger to the student body,” Spillane said.


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