Georgia’s early voting period begins

Georgia’s early voting period for the primary elections began April 28. The ballots will not be counted until after 7 p.m. on May 20, according to The Augusta Chronicle.

Early voting is open to all registered Georgia voters. They may also request a Republican, Democratic or nonpartisan ballot.

“The two party ballots will allow voters to select their choice of nominee in each race to face the other party’s nominee in November’s general election,” The Augusta Chronicle states.

Although Georgia does not require voters to declare their membership for a particular party when they register to vote, while casting their ballots they may not choose both, according to The Augusta Chronicle.

Federal Judge Steven Jones ordered the election date be moved from summer to spring last year, so military members would have ample time to cast ballots before the July 22 runoff, The Augusta Chronicle states.

Brandon McKinnie, Film major, said he sees voting as a responsibility passed down from his ancestors.

“I will vote because my ancestors fought very hard for the right to vote, and me not fulfilling my duties is basically a slap in the face against all of their hard work they have accomplished,” he said.

Kayla Duncan, a social work major said she will not vote due to a lack of political information.

“I will not vote because I really do not know much about the political aspect, and I will not put my opinion into something that I do not know much about,” Duncan said.

Georgia voters can view sample ballots, polling locations and check the status of their voter registration on the official My Voter Page.