Georgia State’s intramurals offer competitions for sports lovers

Photo by Signal Archives
Photo by Signal Archives
Photo by Signal Archives

One of the best things about recreational life at Georgia State is intramurals, and the university offers quite a bit of them.

One sport intramurals is not lacking is football, an area where the recreational center offers two types. The first is the classic game of Flag Football. Each team is allowed seven players max on the field at one time, but the roster max is 20. Of those 20 players, each team is has to designate one captain and he or she is the only one allowed to talk to the refs. The game is played at the football team’s practice field, Panthersville, which is divided into four zones that are 20 yards each and two end zones which are 10 yards each. There are men, women, and co-ed teams, so everyone has the opportunity to play. Intramural flag football is also one of the more competitive sports offered, so make sure to bring your A-game.

The other football game offered is once again flag football, but with a twist. Georgia State offers arena flag football which is played in the Omni Gym located on the third floor of the recreation center. The rules are also different. Instead of four 10 minute quarters that regular flag football has, arena flag football has only two halves which are 12 minutes each. Another difference is the amount of players allowed. Arena flag football is pretty much four on four, so only four players allowed on the court at once instead of the typical seven. They also offer a co-ed league too but with slightly different rules. Of the four players on the court, at least two must be women at any time during the game. Plus, women get a little leeway too as their touchdowns count as nine points instead of the typical six.

Arguably the most competitive intramural sport offered is basketball, which is also split into two different games. The first is three on three basketball. 3v3 is allowed a max of six players on the roster and the match is a best of three with each game going to 15. It is slightly different from regular 3on3 as there are refs, the possession alternates, and there are free throws, but you must still call your own fouls.

The other basketball offered is regular team basketball in which intramurals split into two leagues. The A league is the highly competitive one, while B league is a little less so. The game consists of two 20 minute halves and the rules are the same as a regular five on five game. The co-rec league rules are once again slightly different. The team must have at least three girls on the court at once.

Before students can actually play in intramurals they must register. Good thing is registration is not hard at all, the hardest part is remembering to do it. Every intramural has a registration period which is about a week long. Before the end of that week, a student must have their team registered and the captain of that team must complete all sign up procedures. Finally the place where all of this gets done is at the recreation website,, and under the intramural tab. Are you up for a little competition?