Georgia State students find opener for Amy Schumer

The lights of the Rialto begin to dim as everyone finds their seat. The gentle music filling the air suddenly comes to a halt as students wait for the jokes to come. A woman steps out from behind the curtain to a round of applause, and the show begins.

Last Friday, Georgia State continued its Panther welcome with the Centennial Comedy Show. The comedy show is an annual event held at the Rialto Theater, where one headlining comedian and opening act perform over an hour of standup comedy. This year’s entertainment was opening act was Nica Russell, a local comedian based out of Sandy Springs. Russell opened up for Amy Schumer, a comedian well known for her Comedy Central show, “Inside Amy Schumer.”

“I get a little unnerved when I can’t see the audience, and it was really dark, but I heard I got more love than Mike Epps did last year,” Russell said. “It feels good knowing that the students had a good time. My goal is to get on the college circuit anyway. I feel like I’d have a large appeal to college students.”

Russell has an interesting style of standup, and prior to the show had never opened up for anyone as well known as Schumer. Her jokes were wide ranging, from gay humor to physical comedy. Russell works regularly at “The Punchline”, a comedy club in Sandy Springs, and works in advertising during the day.

“This is the biggest achievement so far of my little career,” Russell said. “I want to do anything that will help expand my career, whether its shows, television, and feature films.”

Russell explained that she was actually found to perform at the show by two Georgia State students and campus events members, Anna Boswell and Sarah Wilcox.

“I had one video on the internet that they found me on,” Russell said. “They really did their research and found me, so it worked out great.”

Schumer had a great set as well, getting instant support from the Georgia State community. Schumer was very relaxed in front of the crowd, interacting with the students and asking questions about student life in Atlanta.

“I’m being ratchet tonight,” Schumer said in an excited tone.

Schumer is gaining prominence in the acting world, and will be featured in Judd Apataw’s (SuperBad, 40 Year Old Virgin, Pineapple Express) next film that is currently untitled.

Pulling no punches, Schumer threw her quirky set of polarizing sex jokes and crude one-liners, driving the audience wild. Schumer even zoned in on several members of the audience, including myself. Upset with me for looking at my cellphone, she asked me what my name was and then proceeded to grill me about how ridiculous it was. Schumer even allowed herself to be taught how to “twerk” by one of the girls in the audience, in an ode to Miley Cyrus.

Schumer’s willingness to joke on herself as well as everyone around her made the experience very welcoming for all who attended, and the laughs were plentiful. Georgia State continued its tradition of great comedy shows, and Campus Events delivered once more.