Georgia State sends an accidental mass email about fall 2019 semester

This morning, a mass email was sent to Georgia State students from The Office of Financial Aid alleging that each student withdrew from their fall 2019 courses.

The email informed the recipient of the message that they would have to pay back the “misallocated” financial aid that was given because it wasn’t used for the courses.

“Dear [student], our records indicate that you have withdrawn from all classes for the current semester, fall term 2019,” the email states. “Because you have withdrawn…you are responsible for [the] repayment of all or a portion of the federal financial aid you received for the semester.”

The email ends by advising students to contact the Student Financial Management Center if assistance is needed; but, assistance will not be needed for the inaccurately sent email.  

Students voiced their confusion on the Georgia State Reddit feed and assumed that there was “something wrong with the server.”

“I got this too and I didn’t even go to [Georgia] State in 2019 so I’m not sure what’s going on,” a Reddit user said.

Georgia State took to Twitter to address the miscommunication.

“Attention students you may have received an email from The Office of Financial Aid regarding withdrawing [from the] fall 2019 term. This message was sent in error. We apologize for the confusion,” the tweet states.

Students replied by criticizing, advising or thanking Georgia State’s actions. Comments ranged from “what [are] y’all doing man” to “I would like compensation for the mass hysteria”.

One student advised Georgia State to send an apology email because some students do not use Twitter.

The email was sent this afternoon stating that the Office of Financial Aid “sincerely apologize[s] for any inconvenience [the] email may have caused.”