Georgia State professors amongst best in nation for undergraduate teaching

Georgia State University was tied with Duke University nationally in best undergraduate teaching according to a report done by U.S. News and World Report.

The universities placed 14th nationally in the undergraduate teaching ranking, along with Wisconsin University, and Washington University in St. Louis.

Georgia State University, ranked ahead of University of California Berkeley, University of Maryland, and Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

The rankings focused on schools where faculty and staff are educating students in a high quality manner, and where there is an unusually strong commitment to undergraduate teaching.

An article published on U.S. News and World Report detailed what methods were used to get to the rankings. And in doing so, the website asked top academics to name schools that they think have the best commitment to undergraduate teaching programs.  

These academics who opinionated in the ranking survey included college presidents, provosts, and administrative deans.

In order to be listed, schools had to receive seven or more nominations, and rankings are in a descending order based on the top 10 nominations they received.

Todd Leopold, a journalism professor at Georgia State, who prior to his arrival worked at CNN said he finds the statistic intriguing, but confirmed Georgia State holds a number of “fine professors”.

Student Isatou Jatta gave a similar assessment of her first initial thoughts to the ranking.

“I find it shocking at first that were ranked the same as Duke.” She went on to add, “But when I think about the professors I’ve had, they’ve had a Ph.D., or a lot of experience from other schools, and in their profession.”

20 Best undergraduate Teaching (National Universities)

  1. Princeton University

  2. Miami University–Oxford

  3. Yale University

  4. Brown University

  5. Rice University/Wake Forest University

  6. Dartmouth College/University of Michigan–Ann Arbor/University of Notre Dame

  7. Stanford University/Vanderbilt University

  8. College of William & Mary

  9. Purdue University–West Lafayette

  10. Duke University/Georgia State University/University of Wisconsin–Madison/Washington University in St. Louis

  11. University of California–Berkeley/University of Maryland–Baltimore County/Worcester Polytechnic Institute