Georgia State 101: Your guide to being new on campus

Photo by Dayne Francis | The Signal
Photo by Dayne Francis | The Signal
Photo by Dayne Francis | The Signal

Whether you’re a freshman, transfer or merging in from Perimeter, being new on campus can be a little hard. And because the merge between schools was such a big change, it can kind of mess with the flow of things. But no need to worry, The Signal is providing you with a guide to help you adjust to campus life no matter where your campus is.

What’s in Your Bag?: It’s important to carry a few specific items on you at all times.

  1.  Student ID: Your student ID will be your best friend the next few years here at Georgia State. Without this you can’t get into certain buildings, like the library, and it helps you check into certain areas and offices.
  2. Phone Charger: You would be surprised with how many outlets there are actually on campus, so this is just a general survival tip.
  3. Class Schedule: Your first few days or weeks here will send you for a little loop (don’t worry it’ll blow over fast). But make sure that you have your class schedule and buildings on you, because being late on the first few weeks of school isn’t the best. Also, have it typed into your phone for easy and inconspicuous glances.

On Campus and In Class: There is an etiquette for how to act on campus and in class. Here are some rules to abide by.

  1. Zip It: No one wants to overhear your conversation to your friend about your sloppy drunk nights. It’s not cool. So when you’re in class, lower your voice or save those kinds of conversations for somewhere else. It’ll save you hate-filled judgemental stares from classmates who just want you to pay attention to the lecture.
  2. Do Your Work: The years of being babied are over. You are paying lots of money to be a Panther, so don’t waste your money and do your work. The teachers are here to teach, and once the lecture is over it’s up to your to apply what you’ve learned. If it turns out that you didn’t do your work, well, that’s on you bud, not your teacher. Harsh but true.
  3. R-E-S-P-E-C-T: Most of professors here are qualified for their jobs. The entire class does not need to hear you argue with them and be bratty. It is rude and unnecessary. Most teachers are willing to help if you are confused or upset. You are in college now, it’s time to pull up your big boy and girl pants and handle it like an adult.
  4. Keep Walking: This is a tip for everywhere out of courtesy. When you are walking up/down the stairs, the hall or pushing through the courtyard, don’t just stop abruptly. You may not be trying to get to class, but I can promise you the person behind you is.

Miscellaneous: A few tips that not everyone will tell you.

  1. Do Your Own Research: Before you choose a major, do your own research about it. No, you may not know what it’ll really be like until you take the class (that’s what electives are for), but at least you’ll have more information than what the brochure told you. Also, not everyone knows all the details of your major, not even advisors.
  2. Meet With Advisors: The staff at every campus is here to help you, please go to them. If you have questions about your schedule or major, talk to your advisor. And if they don’t help, don’t be afraid to go to Department Head.
  3. Use the Facilities: People often forget that the money they are paying to go here isn’t just for classes. Your money is going places like the Rec Center and Counseling Center. Take advantage of these places, because the school offers so many things for use.
  4. Don’t Flaunt Your Goods: Do what you want with your body, but I advise keeping your expensive electronics and other items to yourself. Although, we have campus police, crime is something to be aware of.
  5. Free Printing: Take advantage of the areas that allow free printing: computer labs and student living. It is also important to know that each semester your Panther Card is reloaded with $5 for printing on it to use in the library.