Georgia Senators Approve bill to keep state health care plans from covering abortions

On Monday March 3, Georgia’s Senate voted 35-18 in approval of Senate Bill 98 which would make it illegal for state funded health care plans such as Obamacare to pay for abortions. The House of Representatives will now have an opportunity to vote on the bill.

The bill states that taxpayers would no longer pay for the procedures and women would be responsible for covering the expense of their abortions privately.

The only exception for women on state funded health care plans to have their abortion covered would be in the case of a medical emergency that threatens the life of the mother.

Heather Harton, a senior sociology major at Georgia State, said she doesn’t agree with the bill because it is another way to take control of a woman’s body.

“It’s health insurance and abortion is a health issue. If a woman is raped it’s not her choice,” Heather said.

Georgia State senior political science major Adrienne Randolph said she’s on the fence about the bill because she said some people use abortions as a substitute for birth control.

“The bad part about this bill is it doesn’t look out for poor women. There are some women who are unemployed and they can’t afford to pay for an abortion out of their own pocket,” Adrienne said.