From behind closed doors…

Racial Inequality is as big an issue now as it was then. And we continue to fight it, but by what means?

News stations like CNN respectfully address this issue and attempt to find solutions through debates. Still, questions remain unanswered: Is America – and by America I mean our stainless government that couldn’t possibly permit discrimination – addressing the issue? Is America hearing the cries of its people? Is America going to react to the outrage and “passion” –as the POTUS puts it– of their citizens?

The news has broadcasted its share of racially-charged tragedies recently. The jury’s decision in the “Trayvon Martin trial” is biggest in national headlines and has upset a vast part of the nation. Other misfortunes have taken place as well, however. Songs like “Hannah Montanna” and “Versace”, though extremely catchy, are sending hip-hop back to the grave after already being resurrected. Even the film “RIPD” suffered a loss at the box office. Suitably placing a movie about the afterlife where it fits in most.

Lemony Snicket’s novel series “A Series of Unfortunate Events” perfectly suits as a headline for life right about now. But like those orphans, we must imagine ourselves in better place and remember the children are the future. .

And we can trust baby North West and Blue Ivy to take the reins; one leading us in an obvious direction: Manifest Destiny with a slight detour too the artic, and the other child will inherit a large fortune and study under Oprah Winfrey herself.

Oh, and fear not that the government can access all of our files and information through Facebook. They are growing even more powerful everyday by strengthening their military police force and permitting our biggest fears to walk the streets and incarcerating those we’d share our company with.

Our justice system no longer has to hide behind words and statements with inconclusive meanings that were written to thwart off the doubt of fairness. Now, they can thrust their door wide open to partiality. This is perfect because we no longer have to wonder why we weren’t invited to their private parties when injustice was at the top of the guest list.

Things aren’t all bad however. Paula Deen seems to keep her fan base growing and prominent leaders are excused for attending a Tea Party rally where very explicitly racial remarks are made because they “publically” deny not being in agreement with those statements.

It is extremely difficult to find humor in any misfortune and there’s none to be found in case of Trayvon Martin’s death. But in times like these, we cannot lose hope and must find a way to be happy. Still, we don’t want bigots to keep their bigotry behind closed doors. We want it exposed and told like it is. We’re sick of every time we’re slapped in the face and turning around to see whose done it yet finding no one there.