Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q is an insatiable experience

Fox Bros Burger CMYK
The Fox Bros. Burger paired with mac-n-cheese is a surprising combination different from your usual burger with fries. Photo by Jade Johnson | The Signal


Verdict: Emphasizing quality and quantity, Fox Bros. barbecue’s amazing entrees can make even the most committed vegan reconsider.

When naming cities in the South that boast the best barbecue, a few places come to mind, but Atlanta rarely gets a second thought. Known more for its soul and comfort food, it comes as a surprise that one of the best barbecue establishments can be found right in our own backyard at Fox Brothers Bar-B-Q.

Fox Bros. is a subtle establishment that is easy to miss, tucked away in Candler/Inman Park. Located on DeKalb Avenue, the untrained eye could zoom right it by it, only becoming aware of the establishment’s presence after looking in the rearview mirror. Once it’s been found, however, visitors will quickly notice its red awning and huge barbecue pit where all food is cooked to order.

Inside, Fox Bros. is noticeably smaller than expected, and due to its semi-cramped floor plan, visitors can expect a 20-30 minute wait for a table during lunch time. A small bar can be seen upon entry, and televisions are mounted on every wall, providing the perfect atmosphere for the avid sports fan. Overall, the ambience is very relaxed, with dim lighting, large six foot windows and ‘80s dance music playing softly over the restaurant speakers. Fox Bros. doubles as both a family environment safe for children and a more mature, “men’s night out” haven, where the boys can go watch a football game and have a beer. A random assortment of pictures and sports memorabilia line the walls, providing an intriguing, yet ambiguous aesthetic for the first-time visitor.

Once seated, visitors are instantly welcomed by a warm, welcoming server, who quickly provides a menu and takes drink orders. Service is commendable, with constant attention to detail. Appetizers range from Brunswick Stew to Chicken Fried Ribs. There are also an assortment of other openers, like Fried Pickles, Texas Fries, and the insatiable Stuffed Jalapeño Poppers.

Where to go:

For the main course, visitors have a wide array of choices, from Hickory Smoked Chicken Wings to a long list of unique sandwiches. Chicken Wings are purchased in combinations of either 6, 12 or 24. Sandwiches offered include the traditional Pulled Pork Sandwich, Beef Brisket Sandwich, Rib Sandwich, and the Smoked Chicken Salad Sandwich. Sandwiches vary in pricing, based on the side a customer chooses.

The entrée that I chose was the Fox Bros. Burger, which is actually a huge slab of smoked, juicy brisket smacked in between two slices of bread. The roll of paper towels found on every table is definitely useful for this meal, as this sandwich is extremely messy. To offset the powerful, chargrilled taste of the brisket, the burger is piled high with onion, tomato, pickles, mayonnaise, and my personal favorite, the smoked bacon. The bacon is cooked to perfection, juxtaposing the crisp, fresh onion and tomato with a crunchy, hickory smoked punch. Instead of the typical French fry side, I decided to go with the Mac & Cheese, a tangy, gooey game-changer that goes perfectly with their homemade barbecue sauce.

Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q is an insatiable experienceOverall, Fox Bros. is the full package, in terms of quality barbecue. All of their meat is exquisitely cooked in their pit, and the time and effort put into providing quality sides is notable. Although their music doesn’t do much to complement the visual surroundings, it is still a very homely environment, with smiling servers and satisfied customers. It is recommended that visitors come with a full wallet, as this isn’t one of the cheaper barbecue establishments in Atlanta.