Floyyd Trend is bringing some innovation to ATL’s quirky style

Street-wear apparel in Atlanta is ever-progressing and evolving. Atlanta is notorious for its quirky style and unique sense of fashion, with new designs and brands popping up every day. Today is no different, and designer Floyyd Trent is hoping to bring innovation to Atlanta’s fashion culture.

Studying graphic design, Floyyd Trent is not only a clothes designer, but also a car upholstery designer. Designing car interiors is something Trent is new to, and looks to expand on it.

“I’ve done one car so far, and I’m looking to find a job in upholstery. I do visual designs on car seats as well as on tee shirts”

Trent explained the meaning behind his new clothing company, “Dope Nights”.

“The central theme is about representing a good night out” Trent said. “When you go out on the town on weekends, you want to look good and have a good night, so you want to have a dope night”

Trent said he is currently looking to build a fan base, and plans on building his organization within Atlanta. He also credited Georgia State’s art curriculum for helping him find a central theme for his line, as well as specific visuals.

“The classes help with the photoshop designs and core of my design” Trent said. “The moon is currently my favorite graphic to use, because when you look at the way the moon is the main source of illumination and color in the night time.”

Trent also explained the importance of diversifying one’s brand and investing in oneself.

“With anything you do, you never want to have just one source” said Trent. “You should never keep yourself in one demographic.  I wanted to create my own job, and do something that I could put all of my talents into”

Trent said he plans on having a few fashion shows over the summer, as well as releasing new pieces from his line.

“I want my clothes to be as strong as possible and as presentable as possible for now” said Trent. “I really want to expand past custom made clothes, and show how I can appeal to multiple audiences”

Trent’s designs can be found and purchased at Dopenights.bigcartel.com