Five pot-smoking alternatives that are herbal and legal

When some people think of smoking and its effects, people believe smoking marijuana or other herbs is just as harmful as cigarettes. Despite there being ongoing debates about smoking pot, health gurus agree that although smoking anything is not healthy, there are benefits and alternatives to smoking marijuana.

These herbs all have their benefits and health properties when smoked. Whether the reason for finding an alternative is to try something new or kick a bad habit, these five herbs could be a game-changer for habitual smokers. 


With its soothing aroma, lavender creates the same feeling when the user smokes it alone or mixes it with other herbs. Lavender is excellent for those who have a hard time falling or staying asleep. 

According to Breather, lavender can help someone quit nicotine without experiencing most of the unwanted withdrawal symptoms. 

Instead of having a high, out-of-body feeling, lavender will only leave the smoker calm and in a state of euphoria.

Rose Petals

Roses are not just for romantic scenarios. This flower can be broken down and ground up for smoking and serve as something to roll other herbs.

Rose helps with inflammation, sore throats and can relieve headaches. Whether someone decides to put it in some tea, use it to roll or smoke, rose petals will leave smokers with a lifted spirit and a sense of balance.

Blue Lotus

Despite blue lotus not being a super-common plant of choice for smoking, this flower is full of beneficial properties.

According to a case study in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, the Mayans and Egyptians used blue lotus for rituals, healing and ceremonies. 

Much like lavender, the blue lotus can relieve stress and anxiety and help the user fall asleep faster. Users mainly smoke this plant but drinking it as tea can be a treatment for diarrhea.


Mugwort smells similar to sage and has a bitter taste, but its benefits outweigh its unsavory flavor profile. 

Some smokers might want to consider mugwort because of its similar medicinal properties to pot. According to Weed Maps, mugwort can help treat cardiovascular problems, cold symptoms and remembering dreams.


Mullein is a little different from most herbs that people smoke. This herb is one of the most beneficial as mullein is an expectorant, meaning that it soothes a cough or can act as cough medicine.

According to Puff Herbal Smoke, mullein can loosen up mucus in the lungs and stimulate the smoker to cough it up. Mullein is the herb of choice for not only relaxation but good lung health.

No matter what the herb of choice is for smokers, each plant has its own properties, benefits and physical effects. Whether someone is looking for sleep, a way to destress and relax, there are plenty of safe herbs for everyone to try.