Five minute D.I.Y hacks to try

Having an easier way to get something done, makes life a little more convenient. If you’re ever tired of wet socks or small phone screens, create a quick solution with three D.I.Y projects that make use of things commonly found laying around the house.


Phone projector

If watching videos on a small phone screen is starting to strain the eyes, try making a projector. The phone projector is a simple and easy project that allows you to watch videos from your phone on just about any flat surface.

The only materials needed for this project is a large shoe box, a lense from a large magnifying glass, an exacto knife, pencil and glue gun. You’ll also need a stand to hold your phone, while it’s resting in in the box.

Take the magnifying glass and separate the lense from the frame. Place the lense on one of the front sides of the box while sitting open side up. Use the pencil to trace the outline of the lense, afterwards you will trace another circle within the one that was just created. With the exacto knife cut along new the outlined circle.

The next step is to place glue along the perimeter of the hole that was just created, and then place the lense on top of the glue so that it lays flat.


Finally, grab a phone case with a kickstand and place it inside the box. You can now adjust the phone inside of the box, which will adjust the projected image. Close the cover of the box and enjoy your videos.


Waterproof Shoes

One of the most annoy parts about getting caught in the rain is not having an umbrella or the right pair of shoes. This D.I.Y hack will put an end to wet, soggy socks.

* All you need is a pair of shoes (preferably with a canvas or cotton material), paraffin wax (which can come from a plain white candle) and a blow dryer.

Take one shoes and began to rub the wax along the material. Once you’ve added a generous amount, use the blow dryer, on a medium setting, to melt the wax. After the wax liquefies allow it cool off and repeat the same steps for the other shoe. In less than five minutes your shoes will be ready to repel liquids.


Shrink Art

Social media is raving over miniature Shrink Art figurines in the shape of cartoon characters, food and more. Shrink Art is the process of tracing pictures onto thin plastic then using heat to create scale-sized images.

For this project you will need an oven, printed images, scissors, baking tray, plastic, sharpies and baking craft paper. The plastic needs to be translucent, because it will be used to copy the printed images.

If you can’t find any thin plastic try cutting off the flat surfaces on a clear togo container. After gathering your materials, heat the oven to 325 degrees.

The next step simply requires placing the plastic over the printed image and tracing the picture. With the sharpies you can color the pictures and then cut them off the plastic.

After decorating the cutouts, place them on a baking tray lined with baking craft paper. The shrinking time should take no longer than one minute.

Once the shrink art lays flat on the try, you can remove it from the oven and allow them to cool. The shrink art can be used as key chains, charms and more.