Five COVID-19 safe Valentine’s Day dates

Photo by Seawards Dawson | The Signal

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner but COVID-19 still apparent in everyday life, there are still some cute yet safe date options for lovers to explore. From Netflix and chilling at home to having an outdoor adventure, these six ideas can make anyone’s Valentine’s Day a night to remember.

  • Drive-in movie theater:

Nothing screams good old-fashioned romance like a drive-in movie theater. Couples can beat the crowds of an overly packed movie theater and avoid the high snack prices by bringing their own.

While still experiencing the effects of the pandemic, drive-in movie theaters are an excellent alternative for those who still want to have a night out on the town with their loved ones while being safe.

Tickets for drive-in movies are also generally cheaper than regular movie theater prices as Starlight Drive-In only charges $10 for each adult and $1 for children between the ages of five and nine.

Patrons also get more bang for their buck as most drive-in theaters offer a double feature so guests can watch two movies for the price of one.

Not much else is required to attend a drive-in theater aside from comfortable clothes and enjoying the film.

  • At home paint and sip:

Despite many events and venues offering paint and sip classes, couples can do the same thing from the comfort of their own homes.

Setting up for this night of romance is simple. All couples need are some blank canvases, paint and paintbrushes, snacks and a beverage of choice. Pairing all that with a romantic playlist and some candles are a great way to set the mood.

Couples can choose to recreate a picture or make it even more special by painting a portrait of their significant other. Whether it is a masterpiece or a mess, both parties will have a piece of art that reminds them of their love.

  • Picnic in Piedmont:

A date in the park is perfect for couples who enjoy the great outdoors and the view of a beautiful sunset. Piedmont Park is one of the most well-known and frequented parks in Atlanta.

Piedmont Park is known for its open spaces and beautiful views that overlook the city. With all this space, date night in the park is easy, and cost-efficient as couples will only need some blankets, food and a laptop to watch a movie under the stars.

This lowkey date is excellent for those who are not fans of busy restaurants but still want to have a romantic night with their loved ones.

  • Romantic dinner at home:

Despite many restaurants opening back up after closing due to the pandemic, many still share fears of going out to eat in public spaces.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to enjoy a meal with that special someone at home and even show off some skills in the kitchen.

Cooking your partner’s favorite meal is a great way to impress them and them they are loved. Couples can make this at-home dinner alone or together.

To step it up a notch, decorate the dining room with flowers and light a candle at the table to set the mood.

  • Love them in their love language:

Nothing will make someone feel more loved than showing them love in their love language. Everyone has a different love language meaning everyone has a unique preference for receiving love.

The five love languages include acts of service, quality time, physical touch, words of affirmation and gifts. If someone’s love language is words of affirmation, they would appreciate a letter or poem expressing how much they are loved and appreciated.

If someone likes quality time, spending time with them watching their favorite show or doing an activity together is sure to make them feel loved on such a special day.