Fashion blogs you need in your life

I love finding inspiration on the web, so much to the point that I forget about all my actual responsibilities: homework and eating come second, or just never, when it comes to my internet browsing habits. My favorite content lies in personal blogs. I’m a sucker for bloggers’ personal style and witty narratives, and after checking out this list, you probably will be too (or you’ll just have a really sick alternative to mega sites, like Refinery29 and lookbook).

haley here. posing in her awesome sunnies (photo submitted by Haley Rankins)

1. A Beautiful Mess: This lifestyle/fashion/cooking/decor/everything-amazing blog written by sisters Emma and Elsie takes the cake. If you’re looking for Pinterest-worthy DIY’s and tips on everything from photography to how to become a small business owner,  hop over to I frequent this blog daily. If you’re a blogger yourself, you can truly admire the blog’s seamless web design and easy navigation. If you’re not feeling the love on your own site, the ladies have a slew of e-courses on that teach coding for bloggers.

2. The Style Rookie: Style Rookie is the blog of pint-sized fashion mogul Tavi Gevinson, a 16-year-old editor, icon and all-around genius. Gevinson started blogging about fashion at age 12, garnering the attention of Vogue editor Anna Wintour for her kooky style and fashion commentary. In 2011, Gevinson parted ways with the high fashion world and started her own online magazine for teens: Rookie Mag. If you already read Rookie’s articles on fashion, feminism and life skillz, you should definitely stop by at Style Rookie. It’s amazing to see the progression of Gevinson’s creative mind exploding. Did I mention she did her own TED talk last year, published a book and went on a road trip around the country to promote girl power and flower crowns? Go check this girl out before she lands the cover of Forbes.

3. Clothes Encounters: Jen Im and bff Sara started this YouTube channel a few years ago, and though they’ve since parted ways (they’re still bff’s though!), Jen has become a Californian fashion icon in her own right. Jen mixes thrift store pieces with trendy, of-the-moment stuff to create amazing outfits in her epic video lookbooks. She also posts videos of herself and friends stomping around SoCal having a blast, so seriously, go give these perfect videos a look. And thank me later.

4. Flashes of Style: Bonnie Barton is the ruler of vintage and pretty and lovely and classy. Her hometown is New York, which couldn’t be a more perfect backdrop for Barton’s adventures and outfits. Barton’s blogs feature mostly photos, but they totally speak for themselves.

5. haley here.: Haley Rankins is the creative mastermind behind haley here. I just found her blog (or rather, she found me!) recently, but I can already tell this will be the beginning of a beautiful blogging friendship. Rankins is a fellow Southerner, foodie, culture lover and fashionista. Go give her blog a look, and a follow while you’re at it.

6. Curbside Fashion/Lauren Rose: Curbside Fashion is the home of Lauren Rose’s musings on grunge, feminism and unidentified flying objects. Lauren Rose, or “Just a Curbside Prophet”, is the name of her accompanying YouTube channel. If you’re feeling lost in the fashion department or you’re just having an existential crisis, pop over to one of Lauren’s sites for a quick remedy.