Fantasy football winners and losers from week 12

Starting on Thanksgiving day and possibly running through Wednesday, week 12 was filled with action. Here are the biggest fantasy winners and losers from week 12.

As always, scores are represented in standard points per reception (PPR) format.


Tyreek Hill, 58 points: The Kansas City Chiefs prides themselves on their high-powered offense and dynamic playmaking ability from quarterback Patrick Mahomes. However, Hill put on a show in week 12. Catching 13 passes for an astounding 269 yards, Hill found the endzone three times on Sunday, devastating an unpredictable Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense. 

Hill’s consistently posting great numbers in the 2020 season, but his three-touchdown performance in week 12 was on another level. The Chiefs do not seem to be slowing down any time soon, so count on Hill to keep the big-time performances coming.

Derrick Henry, 39 points: Henry ran through a strong Indianapolis Colts defense in week 12, putting up huge numbers even in the first half. Finding the endzone three times and racking up 185 yards from scrimmage, Henry, yet again, led the Tennessee Titans offense that put up 45 points. Henry faces a favorable matchup in week 13 as they face the Cleveland Browns. 

Deshaun Watson, 33 points: Watson and the Houston Texans kicked off week 12 with a Thanksgiving classic against the Detroit Lions. Thanks to two big touchdowns from receiver Will Fuller, Watson threw for 318 yards and four touchdowns. Watson continues to excel throughout 2020, even despite challenges with the Texans’ offense. Look for Watson to continue his high play as the season winds down.


Alvin Kamara, 6 points: Kamara came away from week 12 with little to show for as he rushed 54 yards and caught one pass. While the New Orleans Saints held a dominant lead over the quarterback-less Denver Broncos, Kamara continued an underperforming trend that has spanned about four weeks. 

With the Saints seeming to focus less on the passing game and more on the run, Kamara is ironically seeing his fewest touches all year as he excelled as a pass-catcher out of the backfield in the first half of the season. Kamara is still a must-start, even if fantasy managers have suffered through his lackluster performances these past few weeks.

Ezekiel Elliott, 3 points: Elliott was almost non-existent in the Dallas Cowboys rushing attack against the Washington Football Team in week 12. Picking up just 32 yards on the ground and coughing the ball up once, Washington held Elliott to embarrassingly low numbers. Cam Newton, 4 points: Once again, Newton posted abysmal numbers in week 12. Throwing two interceptions and zero touchdowns, Newton would be of most value to the New England Patriots in the rushing game where he picked up 46 yards, including a key first down to set up a game-winning field goal. While Newton may have done enough to help the Patriots get the win, he certainly did not help anyone’s fantasy team.