Fall movies to look forward to: Part 1

After the chases, dinosaurs and a giant Pac Man, summer draws to a close and now it’s time to look for the movies that will be coming to the big screens this fall.

Bridge_of_Spies_poster Bridge of Spies

Release: Oct. 16

The duo of Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks already brought us unforgettable films like “Saving Private Ryan”, “The Terminal” and “Catch Me If You Can”. Now they are back with a cold war thriller, written by Matt Charman together and the Coen brothers (who did “Fargo” and “The Big Lebowski”, two modern masterpieces).


In the film, Hanks plays an American lawyer during the cold war who is asked to negotiate the swap of an U.S. pilot and a Soviet spy. Hanks and Spielberg know war thrillers and the Coens know screenwriting. This may be the dream team of movies for 2015.


Release: Nov. 6

The new James Bond’s film sends the famous spy on the trail of an unknown and sinister organization. Bond is at the epicenter of the destruction caused by this organization headed by a man played by Christoph Waltz.


Star power, gunfights, fast cars and beautiful women are the known ingredients. Can director Sam Mendez mix them successfully again like in Skyfall or even better, can he improve on his first Bond film? The answer can’t come soon enough.

Hateful-Eight-poster-900The Hateful Eight

Release: Dec. 25 (limited release); Jan. 8

Quentin Tarantino seems to be enjoying his Westerns on Christmas Day. This year he will gift us the story of eight bounty hunters searching for shelter during a blizzard. The title is Tarantino’s way of celebrating his eighth picture. Samuel L. Jackson, who has been in several Tarantino’s films (such as the classic Pulp Fiction), is back on the saddle again.

As these eight strangers begin interacting, they come to realize one of them isn’t telling the truth. Expect a long but well-crafted narrative on this one, filled with blood, suspense and masterful dialogues.