Elevate your space with plants: Zodiac edition

Plants add a sense of ambiance to any home or space. Finding which plant fits your aesthetic and overall vibe can be a tricky but fun redecorating project. 

Plants also bring about many benefits, such as improving indoor air quality by absorbing pollutants and carbon dioxide for photosynthesis.

The first plant and zodiac pairing is Capricorn and lucky bamboo. This pairing is ideal because Capricorns are known for being goal-oriented and ambitious. Meanwhile, lucky bamboo is known for bringing prosperity and good fortunes, making it suitable for Capricorns. 

Aquarius and the majesty palm is the next ideal pairing. This pairing is perfect because Aquarius is idealistic and highly creative. The majesty palm also shares similar qualities by adding a special touch to any room, which perfectly ties into Aquarius’ creative nature. 

Following suit is Pisces and aloe vera. Pisces is an ideal match to aloe vera because both are compassionate and nurturing. This pairing makes for a cute accent to any room while also being resourceful.

Next up are Aries and barrel cacti. The barrel cactus is a plant known for its striking golden spikes, which play a similar role to Aries’s confident and relentless personality.

Taurus and bromeliads are another ideal pairing. Taurus is naturally relaxed and dependable. The bromeliad is a naturally beautiful plant that plays a crucial role in the food industry, aligning with Taurus’s reliable personality. 

Gemini and the living stone are also an ideal pairing. Both are adaptable and able to thrive independently in whatever situation is present. These traits make this plant a perfect purchase for any Gemini.

Cancer and spider plants are also a great match. Cancers are known for being loyal, protective and caring. Spider plants are known for being expandable and adaptable. These traits allow Cancers to efficiently manage the plant while also learning a thing or two by caring for it.

Leo and the monstera are the next great pairing. Leos always want to be in the spotlight, and the same applies to the monstera plant. Both are always the center of attention and are quickly noticed by others when they walk into the room. This plant provides the perfect touch to any Leos’ space and makes for an ideal conversation piece because of its unique look.

Virgo and the moth child are an excellent duo. The moth child plant fractures a brown exterior with a bright interior which can be ideal for Virgos, who tend to fall on the more practical side. Virgos find joy in the simplicities, and a plant like the Moth Child provides the perfect look for which they strive.

Libra and the peace lily is another ideal pairing. Libras are known as peacemakers, so of course, a stable plant such as peace lily provides stability and structure essential to Libras.

Scorpio and the snake plant is another ideal match. The snake plant is a relatively easy plant to care for and provides guaranteed success even for novice gardeners. The snake plant is a perfect scenario for Scorpios, who tend to be ambitious and determined in everything they attempt.

Last but not least is Sagittarius and the air plant. This match is perfect because air plants absorb nutrients and moisture from the atmosphere, similar to Sagittarius, who reflects the energy of those around them.