Elevate your space with incense: Zodiac edition

Incense can make the ambiance of any space cozier and therapeutic. Different kinds of incense fragrances freshen spaces that may have seemed stuffy or dull. 

Finding your perfect incense can be a process full of trial and error. The wide range of scents can make your decision even more difficult because there are so many options but no clear direction of which scent is for you.

By using your sun sign, you can choose which scent is perfect for you with ease.

To start your journey of freshening up space, we will look into each sign’s specific characteristics and how this ties into a particular scent.

Sign: Pisces

Scent: Cinnamon

Shared characteristics: Dreamy and creative

The perfect scent for Pisces is cinnamon. Cinnamon increases mental ability by aiding in-memory performance, which is ideal for Pisces who tend to enjoy things that stimulate their mind.

Sign: Aquarius

Scent: Sage

Shared characteristics: Purposeful and spiritual

Aquarius tend to be sarcastic and purposeful in what they say, which makes sage the perfect incense. Sage taps into people’s wisdom and spirituality. Sage reflects Aquarius’s traits and adds the perfect touch to an Aquarius’s space.

Sign: Capricorn

Scent: Clove

Shared characteristics: Determined and successful

Capricorns are naturally dedicated and determined in their work and frugal with their money. Known for increasing success and attracting wealth, clove is perfect for a Capricorn to burn. 

Sign: Sagittarius

Scent: Lotus

Shared characteristics:  Spiritual and expressive

Sagittarius is spiritual and liberal in their way of thinking. Although a free-spirited sign, they do experience downward mood swings. The incense perfect for them is lotus. Lotus helps improve mood and spiritual elevation, making this incense perfect for any Sagittarius, especially when experiencing a down mood.

Sign: Scorpio

Scent: Willow

Shared characteristics: Healing and comfort

Scorpios are a sign that often gets a bad reputation due to preconceived labels. As a result of these misconceptions, they often experience feelings of hurt and disappointment. Willow can provide the relief that Scorpio needs as it promotes healing and a sense of comfort.

Sign: Libra

Scent: Amber

Shared characteristics: Emotional and supportive

Feeling mixed emotions is something that Libra can relate to. They tend to be problem solvers and, as a result, absorb the feelings of others without providing much support for themselves. Amber can provide the perfect solution for this by exuding a sense of relief and creating a nurturing space to release pent-up emotions. 

Sign: Virgo

Scent: Cypress

Shared characteristics: Relief and detail-oriented

Virgos are analytical. They tend to overthink and be meticulous about every detail. Cypress is the perfect incense for Virgo as it provides a sense of relief while also increasing focus and concentration.

Sign: Leo

Scent: Pine

Shared characteristics: Humility and attention

Leo tends to think of themselves highly in comparison to others. Pine can help humble and bring Leos back down to the ground with the rest of us. This incense allows them to feel more modest and grounded through self-reflection

Sign: Cancer

Scent: Anise

Shared characteristics: Dramatic and balanced

Cancers are highly emotional and sometimes allow their emotions to overtake them, then implode at the wrong time. Anise provides the sense of relief they long for by helping Cancers find an emotional balance.

Sign: Gemini

Scent: Passionflower

Shared characteristics: Intuitive and comfortable

Geminis struggle with allowing themselves to rest their mind. Passionflower is the perfect addition to any Gemini’s living space as it exudes a sense of comfort and relaxation to ease their mind.

Sign: Taurus

Scent: Bayberry

Shared characteristics: Growth and success

Taurus struggles with staying on track with their career and life goals and saving money. Bayberry is the perfect incense for them as it increases self-control and attracts wealth.

Sign: Aries

Scent: Bergamot

Shared characteristics: Balanced and intentional

Aries is active and always on the move. Bergamot stimulates balance and motivation, which is perfect for an Aries in need of structure and purpose.

Elevating your space using your perfect incense creates a space of growth and comfort. This also is the ideal way to do some spring cleaning and prep for the summertime.