Don’t know where to let it rip? Check out where to poop in peace

The luxury of using a private bathroom gives peace of mind to be as loud as needed after that afternoon bean burrito. However, being on campus with thousands of students, it’s not easy to find a place to go without having stage fright about how loud the droppings might be.

The Signal spoke with several Georgia State students to get their take on which bathrooms are hidden gems, and the ones to avoid altogether. 

Based on interviews, it’s advised to stay away from the Urban Life Building. 

“The worst are the Urban Life Building bathrooms, Jesus those are so nasty,” student Audrey Dunkley said. 

Not only are they apparently pretty gross, but it doesn’t exactly give off cozy home bathroom vibes. 

“Besides the 10th floor, Urban Life bathrooms are the worst,” student Gina Morales said. “They’re dimly lit, have an outdated and jail-like appearance with tiles, wall color, floors, sinks. But the 10th floor has a window, so there’s natural lighting; it also has a lot of bright artificial lighting, cute lighting fixtures, as well as bright and modern colors.” 

Sparks Hall bathrooms draw some varying opinions. Dunkley says any Sparks Hall bathroom ever is not the move. However, student Kai Thibodeaux found his go-to spot for privacy, which is on the 3rd floor of Sparks Hall, and student David Capes also agreed Sparks Hall is pretty nice, as well as any bathroom in Classroom South. 

As far as State’s best kept secrets, students have found their personal favorite golden thrones throughout campus. 

“Best bathrooms are in Arts and Humanities buildings for sure. So, if y’all gotta pop a squat, go there,” student Antonio Manning said.

Students seem to all agree that the entire complex of Park Place is the holy grail of private and luxurious bathrooms. Student Peter Ninh says 25 Park Place bathrooms are always on point. 

“That new digital media side of Park Place, those bathrooms are hella clean,” Dunkley said. 

Student Brittany Turner also agrees 25 Park Place is the place to be because higher floor bathrooms seem to be better than most. Capes also agreed with this, especially when it comes to Langdale. 

“Every bathroom in Langdale is horrible, except for some reason, the 5th floor is immaculate,” Capes said. “It’s super modern and clean and never really crowded.” 

As far as the best-kept secret, which takes a treasure map to find, is in the Student Center. 

“If you go into the nursing wing in the basement of the Student Center East or West, it’s so clean you could probably lick the floor and the toilet,” Dunkley said. 

Students can now drop a load with relief knowing which bathrooms are safe, clean and secure and which ones are on the “to-be-avoided” list.