Daily news briefs: Aug. 13


Peachtree and Pine homeless shelter could be rebuilt


Mayor Kasim Reed said he wants to tear down and rebuild Peachtree and Pine – a homeless shelter located on Peachtree Street NorthEast – after the Center for Disease Control and Prevention told him in a meeting that the building is “one of the leading sites for tuberculosis in the nation,” according to the Atlanta Business Chronicle. Reed said he wants to develop a “best-in-class” homeless facility that can house 300 to 400 homeless people. But the Metro Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless,which operates the building, said they are afraid the plan is a conspiracy to put the Task Force out of business.



An American couple planned to enlist in ISIS


Over the weekend, a young Mississippi couple was arrested by the FBI for allegedly plotting to join ISIS and offer resources to the terrorist organization, according to CNN. Twenty-year-old Jealyn Delshaun Young and 22-year-old Muhammad Oda Dakhlalla planned on marrying and telling everyone they were going to Europe for their honeymoon, when in reality, they were going to enlist with ISIS. The couple is now being detained by federal marshals without bail.



China’s continues to devalue its currency


The world’s second-largest economy, China, has devalued its yuan – its currency – for the second consecutive day, according to The Guardian. The devaluation is affecting worldwide markets and is feared to expose that the country’s economy is in worse condition than thought, according to investors. The International Monetary Fund said a cheaper yuan is better for China because it will encourage exports with more flexibility in exchange rates.